Michael Jackson Passing - Letter from the President of HTWF

The president of Heal the World Foundation, Melissa Johnson, writes following open letter on the foundations website HTWF:

"June 27th 2009

Michael Jackson Passing

To Mr. Jackson's beloved fans and all those who have written,

Please forgive me if my writing is poor, I wont be eloquent, as I've not yet had the opportunity to process this tragedy and I am not myself, nor are we prepared to answer all of you personally yet, so please accept this as a group response, for the time.

This is Melissa Johnson and I am one of many, who have been helping to develop the initiatives of HTWF and doing its work since 1993.

I cry along side the whole world and my heart is broken in two. My prayers go out to the family, his precious children and all those who I know are hurting from the loss of him on Earth.

There is a void in the air we all breath, as it no longer is shared with a man of extraordinary value to the world.

You all knew and loved him most, for his music, but my small part in his life and knowledge of him was not as a pop legend, but a legend for change and a force for good and charity, a side of him, even in his death, is rarely talked about.

His rare love and devotion to the helpless, the down-trodden, the innocent and the world's most needy is why I grieve today. They lost their greatest advocate.

Mr. Jackson was not a perfect man, but I know he strived to become the best version of himself and was surrounded by those that would not let him serve and love the world with the vigor he desired.

Over the years, I fell in love, not with a superstar or a pop icon as the world did, but with a  miracle, a masterpeace of 'love and service', that was the blue print for the future of HTWF.

I learned of a work and a plan that I believed Mr. Jackson could actually make happen, saving millions of lives, not merely results for the worlds most needy, but a shift in the way that people treat each other. From indifference to concern, from inaction to action, from selfishness to service.

He was pure in heart and he loved humanity with a passion I had never witnessed in any other human being and likely will never see again. It was not manufactured love, like a politician who puts on a face for people, it was pure, innocent and simple.

He was full of love and he fought the world's dissaproval boldly, to hold on to his child-like qualities and inner beauty.

I believe he WAS a king, but not merely of POP, a king in character, the royal blood of an honorable and God-like man, flowed through his body and he was good at levels most of us could never attain ourselves.

I believed that Mr. Jackson would DO what he said he would do and change peoples minds and their hearts. Then the whole world. Not through music alone, but with a clearly defined plan and devotion to carry it out.

Starting a movement with his fans and eventually a world of well indented people, people who were fed up with the environment they had created for themselves.

He wanted to be remembered as one of the worlds greatest contributors and instruments for good, along side Gandhi and Mother Theresa, Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

He just wanted to love us, all of us and in 1992 he founded Heal The World Foundation, then in 1993, the first false allegations hit and year after year, until his death, every time he tried to serve and love us, there was some rapacious person there to slow him, cripple him and destroy any chance for his good works.

How many genuinely abused children were NOT helped in the last decade because Mr. Jackson's name, charity and good work was damaged so severely. Accused of abusing the VERY children he set out to RESCUE and HEAL.

Corey Feldman once said, calling Mr. Jackson a child abuser is like calling Santa clause a thief!

I believe the world will come to know as I have always known, that Mr. Jackson would never hurt any child and did have a propensity to love children especially, but love them as he loved his very own.

How could he not? He said many times, that a child's heart is not judgmental or unkind, its boldly honest and wholesome, not crude and manipulative as he came to experience with adults in his life.

How many Millions of lives would have been saved if we had protected our beloved ambassadors of peace, goodwill and charity. Living Legends for good, like Mr. Jackson and  Princess Diana? How much more GOOD could they have done?

The loss of Mr. Jackson is not to Mr. Jackson, he is in Paradise and is ok now, the loss is to humanity, to the most vulnerable and the sick, to the abused children and forgotten child in all of us. We needed him, he didn't need us.

The whole world loses a teacher, a leader and an example of good character and we will never know how much he could have taught us. 

Mr. Jackson is gone now and It is unclear if the Jackson Family will want to continue his charity work and his humanitarian legacy and in what manner.

The staff at HTWF only ask that the public be patient with us and allow the family time to grieve as we wait for the direction they would have us go.

HTWF belongs to God first and then to Mr. Jackson, as God's instrument for miracles and good to the world and we must all be respectful and wait for the family to come up for air, before and IF we can move forward on Mr. Jackson's behalf.

Many have asked what we plan to do and I don't know yet, we are left at the mercy of God and the Jackson family have a heavy burden to bare, but I do know personally, I won't let the adversary take me out, before I accomplish the things that God has prepared for me and I leave the world a lot better off, than the way I entered it.  

My prayers are with you all and I ask that your prayers be with the family, his precious children and finally myself, that I be given the strength to do right always, in God's purposes and in the magic and glory of HTWF.

As Mr. Jackson loved his fans so deeply, I have seen clearly why, as I cannot express the joy you all have brought to my life. Your beauty, your loyalty, your love for others.

My deep gratitude and love to you all,

Melissa Johnson

Heal the World Foundation"

Such a charm

"Uuhm.. we're out here today and uhm..  the weather is nice.."

"What am I suppose to be saying?"

Just a tip, look at Randy after Michael sang that short peice. They are all such clowns, I love it.

WORLD CHANGE, for you and for me


I am proud to say that I'm a true humanitarian and I have endless love for animals. I love children and I pay enormous love and respect to the elder. I love the fact that I am filled with humble and the fact that I can share a tear when I see injustice and hurt around the world.

The reason for my membership in Heal The World Foundation (healtheworld.us) is really because of Michael. I'm sad to say that his death got me to act, but I have always been a humanitarian, just going through rough phases in life until now. I love the world we are living in and I want to help making it a better place.

Next year I'm moving to LA to study Film and Media in dreams of making films one day. My passion in life is to inspire people to the better and to really touch people's hearts. My dream is to make movies like Michael made music.

The first time I really got touched by the problems in the world was during my trip to Kenya last year when we visited a orphanage. It was awful to leave, knowing they would still be there, hungry and without a mother and a father. I am doing my part now and collecting all sorts of useful things to send them.

I am a monthly donor to Amnesty (human rights) and WSPA (animal rights). It feels natural to me to do so and that I can encourage many more to do so by doing it myself. I also want to work as a volunteer in the future.

I'm already happier now that I know that I have done something and that I can do even more, and that I will. My heart is warm and I feel more love than in a long time.

My hopes and dreams of becoming a successful film writer is to use that success to help others, just like Michael inspired me.

What's very important to see is that Michael was, in my eyes, neither black nor white, because he was not a race, he was person. Just by being himself, he opened up bridges that had seemed endless before, between all races, especially blacks and whites. Just his presence with sick and hurting children made them heal for a while. He put smiles on their lips when he let them come and play at Never Neverland and he inserted hope in their hearts when he showed them that he was a living example that dreams CAN come true. Even though he was already giving all of himself to show business and to his fans, he always managed to take some extra time for the children all over the world. So many of us don't even do that even though we have so much spare time that we don't even know what to do with it. I know I have been wasting too much time now by doing nothing; it's time to make a change, in me and in the world. I encourage you to do the same. Small or big, it's all needed a lot and we can all contribute with something, just get you act together and actually do it. Right now, sign up as a godparent to a orphan child in South America or donate a small portion (or huge if you like) to a helping organization in Africa. Go to Pakistan and work as a volunteer for the hungry and wounded. Or just next time you pass by a homeless on the street, buy him or her a sandwich or give some change, or just at least give him or her a smile. A smile can change someone's day, which turns into weeks, and then years and finally into life. I believe in a change, it's all about believing.

I love you Mike, and if there is a God, may he bless your soul, the most sweetest and loving of hearts.

we CAN make a change ♥

Make August 29th Michael Jackson Day Worldwide

For everyting Michael did for us I think this is the least we can do for him. So everyone who thinks Michael should get his own day out of the 365, click here .

We love you more Michael, ♥

Illuminati and Government Concpiracy - Was Michael's Death Really Accidental?

Now something called " Illuminati" is said to have killed Michael Jackson. Illuminati is also called the "New World Order" or the "Secret Society". The first time I ever heard of Illuminati was just a couple of hours ago when I received a mail on Facebook with a video in it from a guy, stating that they were the ones who'd killed Michael. From what I have read they are worshipers of Satan. Their way of spreading their message is by Michael was all about peace and love, in fact it was so strong he had to silenced, some say. The illuminati don't want peace and love, they want fear and war. A person such as Michael with the strong impact that he had on the world and with the clear message he had, was a dangerous threat to the "secret society". People say that's what happened to John Lennon and Princess Diana too, the two of them spoke of love and peace too. A lot of artist, mostly rappers, has sung about the "New World Order" and "The Illuminati". Jay Z sing: "Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body.. Secret society trying to keep their eye on me.." Immortal Technique sings: "You think Illuminati's just a fuckin conspiracy theory?" Fatboy Slim sings: "Illuminati. A secret society exists." Gamma Ray goes on: "Illuminati, You've come to take control, You can take my heartbeat, But you can't take my soul. We all shall be free." "Illuminati, You'll never take control, You're New World Order will lead to none at all, We all stand before you as one, Heaven is for everyone, To be free from the dark."  Michael did speak of a conspiracy, trying to set him up for example the pedophile charges, but what kind of conspiracy he was referring to, we don't know. There is actually an eye on the wall of the "They Don't Care About Us" video when he's in that alley, whatever that's suppose to tell us. The New World Order controls the government and the media they say. Through the media and technology they spread their message, right before our eyes, without us noticing it. The Illuminati goes back to the Babylon which apparently was the Illuminati's head quarters.

There is also a theory involving the CIA. Now Michael Jackson was as we all know a person in great debt for years before he died. He owed a lot of people money and the concerts he was about to do this summer wouldn't even get close to pay off all the debts he had. A friend told me: "He was worth more dead than alive, and it could have been in some people's interest to kill him." I actually never thought about it that way, but the sales is going more crazy than ever and apparently he is about to pass the 200 million barrier soon. That way everyone would get their money back. Apparently the CIA and the US government have very strong connections with secret societies such as the Illuminati. On the one dollar bill there is a picture of a pyramid with an eye over it, the eye of Lucifer (a fallen angel who later on became Satan), on the left side of the bill. The symbol is said to be the symbol of the New World Order. I believe the eye is a symbol of seeing everything, a symbol of control, the "all seeing eye". They say that he was one of the Illuminati's front men in the 20th century, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and that he was the one to put it on the American money bill. Apparently there are many secret societies especially in America, but a few, such as Illuminati, appear frequently.

 On Youtube there is a series of clips, all combines a 1 hour and 20 minutes documentary about "*Rare Video* 1987 The Secret Government". The audio though has been removed because "it has not been authorized by WMG".

I was just told that there is suspected to have been a 3 hour gap between Michael's death and the call to the paramedics. A couple of hours before his death two women were seen going into the Jackson house bringing out boxes with documents.

I am not saying I belive in any of this but whatever happened to Michael, I'm starting to doubt his death was accidental, but what I'm really hoping is that the real tragedy is as simple as an overdose,

Tribute to Michael Joseph Jackson, on his birthday

Michael Jackson just wanted peace on Earth. He was against war and goverment's conspiracy. He tried to bring peace and love. On Michael's birthday, 29 august, all fans in the world will gather under the sky, dressed in white, to stand up for Michael's biggest dream: peace of the world and the unifying of the world religions. Please be there and spread this message. Feel free to take initiative and organize gatherings in your areas: parks, squares, famous streets, etc! 


Michael never let down the world, but the world let him down

Hey, I just came back from a 2 ½ weeks long trip to my relatives in Turkey, unfortunately I went the same day as Michaels funeral and memorial. I still haven't seen the whole memorial, I watch small clips on Youtube, but I asked a friend before I went to tape it all, and he did. Also there were other programs about Michael that day such as documentaries. It all ended with 21 hours of taping, that's a lot of DVD's.

It was awful to leave right up in all of this, when I was away there it felt like I was missing out on everything happening. I logged on to internet from time to time on an internet café, but I was frustrated anyways. Finally I'm home again and I can continue my follow-up about everything concerning Michael.

Yesterday I watched some clips from the memorial on Youtube and there was one person who spoke in such a strong way that he moved me enormously and the words he said about Michael was so true, it was right there, all of it. The man of great words is Reverend Al Sharpton.

Michael never let down the world, but the world let him down.

"Thank you Michael, because you never stopped"

Tribute to Michael Jackson on July 8, Sergels Torg - Stockholm - Sweden

I am so proud, I almost have no words. I'm at a rutten internet cafe in Konya, Turkey. As I check my usual "Latest Michael Jackson News" I see something about a tribute to Michael at Sergels torg in Stockholm Sweden where I am from. GOSH, that is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a very long time, I got goosebumps all over my body! I haven't seen anything like this, ever! That was just the greatest thing, just of course I wish Michael was here to see all of this.. I engourage everyone all around the world to do this. This was performed by a very talanted dance group called Bounce and a lot of random people who joined in from only 30 minuıts of practice. HUGE applause to them, FAN-TASTIC job you guys, I am soo proud and have such joy in my heart right now from seeing this.

Michael Jackson: A Man Whom the World Was Unable To Hold

During the interview with Barbara Walters in 1997 the two talked about Media's way of presenting him badly. Barbara then said: "Michael, is it the journalists' role, or the press' role to be kind?" Michael looked at her with a disappointed look and repeated her last words gently:"To be kind?" He continued: "What you saw happened to lady Diana.. you tell me, there should be some boundaries some kind of way.. the star needs some space. Give them a chance to relax, she has a heart, she ‘s human."

Somewhere along the way, the media took it too far. A person can only take a certain amount of lies and humiliation, he was after all a person, and not an immortal as some of us liked to think of him. I do not blame the media entirely for the death of Michael, I also blame extortionists, heartless and egoistic people and he probably had himself to blame for some of it too. But I think no matter how a person chooses to be, as long as it is in good ways, they should always be able to live however they like. I've heard that Michael wasn't always easy to hang out with but someone should have stepped up and said: "This man has never known a "normal" life and the life he knew was very much jammed with rehearsals and traumatized beatings when he was younger. The part of our life when we are shaped into who we are and when we normally learn how to socialize with other kids, Michael had to witness adult things that a child shouldn't have to witness and live an grown up life when he really wasn't ready for it. When a child needs time to fantasize and be carried when one's tired, Michael had the biggest responsibility to be the image of an enormously famous group and whom always had huge expectations on him."  Then ask yourself, what do you be like? It's hard to imagine I know, that's why we should always try to be understanding and accepting of as much and as many we can.

I just want to say that Michael's parents also did a great job raising this boy into being a fantastic human begin. I just can't get passed the long time abuse that Joseph put poor Michael through, I'm sorry but that is hard to ignore. Unfortunately I believe much of Michael's adult life was a result of a harsh up-bringing. But I would also like to thank Joseph for partly doing what you did. Without you Michael would obviously not have become what he was.

Even I can feel from time to time that I'd like to go back to my childhood and get rid of all responsibility in adult life and just have nothing but fun. Michael managed to do that and I think that's big of him. I admire him for having a child in him which I believe we all do, but we're afraid to let it out in fear of losing control. Not very many adults can act childish, on a child's level, the way he did. Michael helped a lot of children and it's very important not to forget that. Like his own mother used to say when he was watching starving children in Africa, he would cry. To Michael there were no races, no boys or girls, no rich or poor. To him we were all the same and he could love anyone, I truly believe that, and I am sure that we can all learn from his ways.

Unfortunately Michael's good work and wonderful persona was overshadowed by bad rumors and reputations. I just learned that he got into the World Wide record book for the most charities done by a celebrity, a total of 39 different charities. Michael also founded the "Heal the World Foundation" in 1992 which focuses on children's rights and needs. It also helps to improve the world we are living in, for a world without violence and diseases. It's followed by the "Heal the Kids Foundation" in 2002 which was set up as a campaign to help parents and adults to educate them in reprioritizing their lives in order to bring children into their main focus. And let's not forget all the times he's brought loads of children to play at Never Neverland. Michael had actual rooms with beds in them and a pane of glass so that the really sick ones could join in as much as the less sick and just lay there watching movies.

Michael was an awfully shy and sensitive person from what I understand and he just didn't know how to cope with it all. It's like back in the days when people would call him "a 42 year old midget", and he'd get sad, very sad. The world was too hard for a soul as gentle as Michael I believe and some liked to call him a UFO who didn't fit in. I'd say Michael was just too much for this cold world to handle.

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