Michael Jackson Passing - Letter from the President of HTWF

The president of Heal the World Foundation, Melissa Johnson, writes following open letter on the foundations website HTWF:

"June 27th 2009

Michael Jackson Passing

To Mr. Jackson's beloved fans and all those who have written,

Please forgive me if my writing is poor, I wont be eloquent, as I've not yet had the opportunity to process this tragedy and I am not myself, nor are we prepared to answer all of you personally yet, so please accept this as a group response, for the time.

This is Melissa Johnson and I am one of many, who have been helping to develop the initiatives of HTWF and doing its work since 1993.

I cry along side the whole world and my heart is broken in two. My prayers go out to the family, his precious children and all those who I know are hurting from the loss of him on Earth.

There is a void in the air we all breath, as it no longer is shared with a man of extraordinary value to the world.

You all knew and loved him most, for his music, but my small part in his life and knowledge of him was not as a pop legend, but a legend for change and a force for good and charity, a side of him, even in his death, is rarely talked about.

His rare love and devotion to the helpless, the down-trodden, the innocent and the world's most needy is why I grieve today. They lost their greatest advocate.

Mr. Jackson was not a perfect man, but I know he strived to become the best version of himself and was surrounded by those that would not let him serve and love the world with the vigor he desired.

Over the years, I fell in love, not with a superstar or a pop icon as the world did, but with a  miracle, a masterpeace of 'love and service', that was the blue print for the future of HTWF.

I learned of a work and a plan that I believed Mr. Jackson could actually make happen, saving millions of lives, not merely results for the worlds most needy, but a shift in the way that people treat each other. From indifference to concern, from inaction to action, from selfishness to service.

He was pure in heart and he loved humanity with a passion I had never witnessed in any other human being and likely will never see again. It was not manufactured love, like a politician who puts on a face for people, it was pure, innocent and simple.

He was full of love and he fought the world's dissaproval boldly, to hold on to his child-like qualities and inner beauty.

I believe he WAS a king, but not merely of POP, a king in character, the royal blood of an honorable and God-like man, flowed through his body and he was good at levels most of us could never attain ourselves.

I believed that Mr. Jackson would DO what he said he would do and change peoples minds and their hearts. Then the whole world. Not through music alone, but with a clearly defined plan and devotion to carry it out.

Starting a movement with his fans and eventually a world of well indented people, people who were fed up with the environment they had created for themselves.

He wanted to be remembered as one of the worlds greatest contributors and instruments for good, along side Gandhi and Mother Theresa, Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

He just wanted to love us, all of us and in 1992 he founded Heal The World Foundation, then in 1993, the first false allegations hit and year after year, until his death, every time he tried to serve and love us, there was some rapacious person there to slow him, cripple him and destroy any chance for his good works.

How many genuinely abused children were NOT helped in the last decade because Mr. Jackson's name, charity and good work was damaged so severely. Accused of abusing the VERY children he set out to RESCUE and HEAL.

Corey Feldman once said, calling Mr. Jackson a child abuser is like calling Santa clause a thief!

I believe the world will come to know as I have always known, that Mr. Jackson would never hurt any child and did have a propensity to love children especially, but love them as he loved his very own.

How could he not? He said many times, that a child's heart is not judgmental or unkind, its boldly honest and wholesome, not crude and manipulative as he came to experience with adults in his life.

How many Millions of lives would have been saved if we had protected our beloved ambassadors of peace, goodwill and charity. Living Legends for good, like Mr. Jackson and  Princess Diana? How much more GOOD could they have done?

The loss of Mr. Jackson is not to Mr. Jackson, he is in Paradise and is ok now, the loss is to humanity, to the most vulnerable and the sick, to the abused children and forgotten child in all of us. We needed him, he didn't need us.

The whole world loses a teacher, a leader and an example of good character and we will never know how much he could have taught us. 

Mr. Jackson is gone now and It is unclear if the Jackson Family will want to continue his charity work and his humanitarian legacy and in what manner.

The staff at HTWF only ask that the public be patient with us and allow the family time to grieve as we wait for the direction they would have us go.

HTWF belongs to God first and then to Mr. Jackson, as God's instrument for miracles and good to the world and we must all be respectful and wait for the family to come up for air, before and IF we can move forward on Mr. Jackson's behalf.

Many have asked what we plan to do and I don't know yet, we are left at the mercy of God and the Jackson family have a heavy burden to bare, but I do know personally, I won't let the adversary take me out, before I accomplish the things that God has prepared for me and I leave the world a lot better off, than the way I entered it.  

My prayers are with you all and I ask that your prayers be with the family, his precious children and finally myself, that I be given the strength to do right always, in God's purposes and in the magic and glory of HTWF.

As Mr. Jackson loved his fans so deeply, I have seen clearly why, as I cannot express the joy you all have brought to my life. Your beauty, your loyalty, your love for others.

My deep gratitude and love to you all,

Melissa Johnson

Heal the World Foundation"


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