Michael You Are My Ticket


Your love bring me back to life.
I was blind and deaf
I was hiding in the darkness
I made so many mistakes in my life.
The waves of the sea took me away
but your love saved me.
It's sweet moment when I see your image.
I'm not a ghost anymore.
Please,warm my soul
as the Moon warms the night
and the Sun warms the day.
I was in an ice-world
waisted too much time
but I learnt a lot from this life.
I was like a volcano-destroying all around
but found peace in love
Your love brought me back to life.
you gave me wing to fly with you
in a fabulous world.

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Forgive me for loving you immortal.I love you Michael


Michael Wept

Michael Wept

Delivering his Heal the Kids speech at Carnegie Hall
For the true love of children and all
Michael wept with joy and sadness

Although it was on a cold Valentine's Day
I don't have a date he was heard to say
Michael wept and hearts were melted

On the overseas trip from America to Oxford
The plea and love for his family was heard
Because Michael wept with love

His magnificent performance at Madison Square Garden
Showed his innocence and heart were not harden
When Michael wept with grace

It was a spread of hope and good cheer for everyone
To come together and unite and stand as one
Michael wept and sung

His plea for love was for all races and nations
To stop war and hate for the next generation
Michael wept and prayed for salvation

~~~ Sonja Pye Gaines ~~~
(January 29, 2003)


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