Michael never let down the world, but the world let him down

Hey, I just came back from a 2 ½ weeks long trip to my relatives in Turkey, unfortunately I went the same day as Michaels funeral and memorial. I still haven't seen the whole memorial, I watch small clips on Youtube, but I asked a friend before I went to tape it all, and he did. Also there were other programs about Michael that day such as documentaries. It all ended with 21 hours of taping, that's a lot of DVD's.

It was awful to leave right up in all of this, when I was away there it felt like I was missing out on everything happening. I logged on to internet from time to time on an internet café, but I was frustrated anyways. Finally I'm home again and I can continue my follow-up about everything concerning Michael.

Yesterday I watched some clips from the memorial on Youtube and there was one person who spoke in such a strong way that he moved me enormously and the words he said about Michael was so true, it was right there, all of it. The man of great words is Reverend Al Sharpton.

Michael never let down the world, but the world let him down.

"Thank you Michael, because you never stopped"

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SV: Vem är min kusin? :o

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Hahahah, vet du vad??? Han är min storebrosha :P

Helt sjukt! =)

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Let me hear it babe

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