"What is love?" is no decision for you to make, only for yourself

I think I just got a logical epiphany. People talk a lot about love and how it's impossible not to love someone that you don't know, someone whom you have never met. I say that is not true. What bring love to our hearts are not just the exchange of words and the power of touch. What makes us love is a way of life, words from a genuine soul and for what that person stands for. Actions and contributions make us love. The only way to love is not just to have known someone in person. Why does millions of people around the world love the one man, who supposedly lived thousands of years ago, so deeply so that they live their lives based upon his early existence? They love him for what he did, for what his actions were and that is exactly why I am more than certain that I can say that I love Michael Jackson. Love is nothing that any person can possess the right to decide for what is wrong and what is right. Only you and I know what we love and why we love, and no one can say that you don't

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The Limit of Human Destruction

The death of Michael Jackson still brings me to tears whenever I see a remembrance of him. You know it really struck me, more than ever, that despite of all the hate he has been given and all the lies he has been taking, he still gave to the world. He kept advocating peace and forgiveness, endless love and compassion for one another. But unfortunately the world managed to beat the man down. No man can be so strong for he will reach the limit of human destruction

Remember that. And always remember that in your ways towards your fellow people. Love and understanding is the true resolution for a world at PEACE

We love you M, keep teaching the world the wisdom of your heart for I, and many with me, will listen for eternity


It's now official, the THIS IS IT trailer was premiered at the VMA’s last night. It will be in theatres around the world starting from the 28th to the 30th October 2009, and for only two weeks. Tickets go on sale on the 27th of September in most places around the globe. Just wait for it, it’s going to break the roof with it’s incredible POWER!

Visit http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/michaeljacksonthisisit/international/ to see when it will be released in your country!

A Celebration of Life

On September 3rd Michael was finally laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California. The ceremony was a private one with only family and friends. Media was allowed just before it all got started. When it was time for the actual funeral everyone had to hit the road, even the paparazzi helicopters. The security was enormous and they made sure no unauthorized were to enter the funeral. The police even had helicopters in the air making sure all was safe and sound.

Friends like Elizabeth Taylor, Maculay Culkin, Corey Feldman, Chris Tucker and ex wife Lisa Marie Presley were seen at the funeral.  The ceremony was set for 7 pm local time but the Jackson family arrived 1 hour late. The gold casket carrying Michael arrived another 30 minutes after that. Gladys Knight performed with the song “Our Father”.

Michael Jackson is now interred in the Great Mausoleum, 13 “floors” down in the ground. Another 12 graves were bought by the Jackson family, one can only speculate why. But even though Michael is now buried, some say it might not the place where he will ACTUALLY lay. Like Elvis’s Graceland, there might be a Neverland for MJ.

The Jackson family called the ceremony “A Celebration of Life”.

Michael Finally At Rest

Michael was finally put to rest at the Forest Lawn Cementery on September 3rd.. More about that later. Rest in Peace Mike, I love you always

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