"What is love?" is no decision for you to make, only for yourself

I think I just got a logical epiphany. People talk a lot about love and how it's impossible not to love someone that you don't know, someone whom you have never met. I say that is not true. What bring love to our hearts are not just the exchange of words and the power of touch. What makes us love is a way of life, words from a genuine soul and for what that person stands for. Actions and contributions make us love. The only way to love is not just to have known someone in person. Why does millions of people around the world love the one man, who supposedly lived thousands of years ago, so deeply so that they live their lives based upon his early existence? They love him for what he did, for what his actions were and that is exactly why I am more than certain that I can say that I love Michael Jackson. Love is nothing that any person can possess the right to decide for what is wrong and what is right. Only you and I know what we love and why we love, and no one can say that you don't

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