The Last Case of Inhumanly and Bloodthirsty Behavior

At the 2009 BET Awards last night Michael's father Joe Jackson let out, in an live interview with CNN, what we've all been saying: "I wish the world would have recognized him when he were living. Because you know, but right now he's bigger than ever now, but I wished he were here to see all of this, to hear all of this, yes."

But the focus was on Michael's "outrageous" private life instead. A lot of things can be argued, yes, but again, what would you expect from a person like him? The last case of inhumanly and bloodthirsty behavior concerns the resent tabloids about Michael's former nanny Grace Rwaramba who's been working for Michael for 17 years. Mallika Chopra (a good friend of Grace's), daughter of Deepak Chopra who was a good friend of Michael's, writes in an article that Grace's been deceived by someone she thought of as a friend and who exploited her when she was in a very vulnerable situation. Daphne Barak is the name of a woman who doesn't seem to have any barriers when it comes to making a good juicy salary on other people's expense. Daphne claims to be a friend of the Jackson family and that's where it's been said she met with Grace several years back. Just a couple of weeks before Michael's death Daphne reached out to Grace in support because she had once again been let go by Michael (evidently this was a common pattern in Michael's life, bringing people back and forth). The day after Mike's death was announced Mallika found out that Grace were staying in a hotel in London. She then rushed to the hotel to see her friend, where she found that Daphne was there with her. Before leaving the hotel for the airport to go to LA, Daphne told Ms Rwaramba she thought it would be a good idea if she talked to a lawyer first because she was afraid the Jackson family was going to blame Grace partly for Michael's death. Daphne had then actually arranged for her to see a fake lawyer so that she would let out everything there is about Michael. Grace didn't speak to the "lawyer", the two women just left.

Mallika says in her article: "Unfortunately, the story with Daphne and Grace seems to be one that echoes the vultures that took advantage of Michael throughout his life." She also says: "In the 17 years that Grace has worked with Michael, she has never spoken to the press. She loves Michael and his children at her core."

Now back to the interview with Mike's father. I have to say, even though I knew about the severe physical abuse that Joe put on Michael and his cold heart towards him at many times, I was deeply saddened and most surprised over his even colder appearance while talking about his son's death. It was like nothing had ever happened. If I were to see it and not knowing Michael had passed away, I wouldn't suspect anything. He was just unemotional and callous. I'm not sure if I got this right or not, it just seemed too inhuman to do such a thing, but I think Joe Jackson advertised himself while talking about the loss of his son. I feel more sorry for Michael than ever.


Now I know it wasn't just me, Joe Jackson DID use the situation of his son's death, live on CNN, to talk about his new up-coming career move.

As he said: "I wanna make a real good statement", he brought up an unidentified man who I understand is a business partner, and then he continued: "Marshall and I have -- we own a record company. Talking about Blu-ray technology. That's the next step."

People around the world are raged. I am sad for the situation. Not even when his son's in the grave, he can't stop eating off of him.


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