try a smile, it'll make you feel better

I got a message from a woman named Patti who wrote such nice and true things to me and I ended up writing something really worth to think about for everyone. she said that she belives that me and Michael has a purpose in life. I certainly belive that Michael's purpose is to enlighten us with joy and love trough his music.
I wrote somewhere earlier about why I created this site, and here's really why:

my blog is partly about why Michael is so different but also to remeber his great success he's had, cause it's been hiding for too long now behind accusations and such. so I want to bring light to it, once again, because he truely is the most productive, amazing and historical singer trough all time, and we cannot forget that. I love Michael, and so it's also a way to make people see why I am doing so. a lot of people are so caught up in his appearence and the accusations, so this is also a way to try making them more loving, try to see the best in someone and not be so judgmental. it's easy for us to be so, and it's not good for us. I know how it may have looked when the accusations appeared, but you can not judge someone by that! you can not go around judging someone you don't know (cause some of us do it on a daily basis) because you never know what's behind their actions. I am absolutley not defending any bad actions! but what I'm saying is, if we try to see to the best in everyone,we, ourselves and everyone else become better people to one another.

because Michael's so different, we can't accept that, we can't accept what's different. just look at homosexuals, activists, black people. we've been killing and hating something that we don't know about, just because we don't know it. because we can't relate to it, we can't put our finger on it, we can't really understand it. it's scares us. we need to change.

I get very hurt when I just hear about all of the junk people throw at Michael. there is so much we can learn from this person, but most of us don't dare. he surely has parts in him that's not perfect, no one is. but he sure is kind. he helped the black generation to get one more foot into the white community by forcing MTV to show his videos, and they did. he has donated millions and millions of dollars to different foundations, black, children, poor, you name it. he has also started his own foundation to help; The Heal The World Foundation, to help proventing voilence against children, to cure them from their diseases and such.

try to give your next one a smile if he walks right into you angily, instead of a bad look.

Michael as you and I know, grew up without a childhood, daily abuses and the only thing he really grew up to belive was that the only thing that's important in life is winning, to be the best. "There are winners in this life, and losers, and none of my kids are ever gonna be losers." imagine growing up with that thing stuck so hard in you.

be more welcoming to new things, to people who truely just mean well. and try to forgive and look behind that evil person. a smile really will make him or her better, than just another bad comment.

I love you all,



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