Rumours are never to be trusted

a picture of Michael and one of his best friend; Macaulay Culcin.

I've been thinking a lot about Michael and all the accusations of child molesting as I read Taraborelli's book. And I think about all the rumours over all about Michael. He sure is special and let's leave it to that. Everyone has the right to be in their own unique way unless it doesn't hurt anyone. But when it comes to the accusations, especially in the first case since I  don't know that much about the second one to be honest. When Michael was accused the first time it was by little Jordie Chandler and his family, mostly his father. So, alright, I can really understand the way people think of a grown up man and a thirteen year old boy sleeping together in the same bed. It's different, it's really unusual to hear about things like this so I can very well understand people's negative reactions to this.

I love Michael and it was of course hard for me to hear about the accusations. I've had my doubts too but as the accepting person as I am, I'd like to belive that people truely are different especiallt because of the different backgrounds. In this case Michael's relationship to Jordie was totally innocent as he put's it himself. And the more I read about the Jordie case, things become more clear for me.
We are as I've said before very afraid of the things we can not understand, things we are not used to and so on. That's what's making us act judgmental and makes us belive in all we hear.

From what I understand Michael loved Jordie and his family very much. He used to call them "my new little family" and bought the two kids Jordie and Lily everything they wanted. He even bought Jordie's mom expensive presents. Some say he did that to keep her on the good side in all the suspiciousness. I say Michael didn't know how to keep a person in his life, especially people that he really loved. His way of showing love was to give expensive presents. Not surprisingly since the lack of love got from his childhood and all the people who's probably come and gone in his life since the early days. It's not unsusual fo a person to be that way. Just look at men who throw gifts at their wifes all the time just to keep them there, in place.

To this day Michael's stuck with the humiliating stamp as a pedophile and it will probably stick with him for the rest of his life. People say "Hey, why did Michael pay Jordie's dad to shut up?" I say "Why did Jordie's dad want loads of money from Michael and did not go to the proper authorities?" I'm guessing that as a parent you want the truth and the molester behind bars if such a thing would have happened, instead of extracting twenty million dollars from him.
Michael is very loved, but as a very loved person you're very much hated aswell. Michael is now aquit from both charges and that's what we all have to accept. He is totally free of charges and he has to be trusted from that. I think that if Michael was guilty to the crimes he's been accused of, he's probably be in jail right now. So many who have wanted Michael behind bars and still haven't succeded, isn't that proof enough? Of course he is The King of Pop with a lot of power and influence, but he's still a person, a person who could have been convicted. But he wasn't and we have to stick to that! That's what we DO know.

I will keep on being sceptical to the accusations until someone's put the facts on the table. THEN you can judge him.

Michael and Jordie became very close as friends and the family kept on visiting Michael at Neverland and at his secret hide-out more often. When Jordies father got to hear about that ( he wasn't very involved in the boy's life at that time) and about the suspicions against Michael's sleeping together with Jordie, he started to be more involved. At first he was sceptical against Michael but later on as the two of them became friends he even offered Michael to build out his (the father, Evan) home so that Jordie didn't always have to go to Neverland to see Michael. But Jordie became even more attached to Michael and Evan was afraid he was loosing his son. I think THAT was what really triggered the whole thing. I think he felt that he could get two things out of the accusations; his son and millions of dollars.

I think it's hard for a lot of people to accept that Michael is such a loving person, especially towards children. I don't know any man who've been as open with his humble and love towards our world and our children apart from Michael.
I read in an article today where Henrik Tornberg, head of the gaysite, says he blames the communities for having such typical steriotype of a man. He says Michael's been a victim for the way we see a man and how a man should act. Henrik also claims that Michael's been teased even before the accusations began, of being too feminin, for his soft voice and his vain and self-centered character. And that the charges were only to expect. He says it like me, by breaking the typical manly norm, your instantly vulnerable or suspected. He also says: " If anyone who falls outside the masculine role dares to take the role as an extra dad he's gonna have to be prepared to constantly having to explain and defend his motives."

Belive in goodness despite all the hate in the world.

We can probably all agree on the fact that it was a stupid act of Michael to invite the possibility of extorsion by the way he acted. But we're all human, right? And all humans can all make misstakes. Even the biggest popstars who've ever walked on this planet.


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