"Michael's up there with God now, doing the Moonwalk"

Even though Michael was very shy and insecure at many times, he still managed to sweep a whole world by their feet with his unprecedented music which has moved not only peoples feet, but their hearts. It was something he did with his music that no man had ever heard before. The mixture of jazz, rock, soul and r&b turned out to be the bestselling music mix the world had ever seen. Elizabeth Taylor soon appointed him to be "The King of Pop", and no one could have set the words better.

It's a disgrace that people and the media start talking about Michael as "The King of Pop" and "a music genius", now that he is dead. What's been said the last 10 years? I sure haven't heard such appreciative and good words in very long, I'm not sure I have heard it very much at all during the time I can remember. So, now that he is dead, it's all of a sudden time to give him the recognition he should have got when he was still alive, nibbling on pills because of the horrendous pain he must have been carrying for the last 16 years.

Michael got what he wished for, fame. But it wasn't the exact fame he was hoping for I guess. I think no one wishes to go through what he went through. Michael was born a star, he was made as an entertainer. He loved what he did and he got to do it while the world was watching. Unfortunately, a couple of pranks turned out to destroy his life by the media.

Trust me on this one; I will carry on his story and his music throughout my life, to further generations and I'll make sure he'll get the recognition he should have. We have never seen such an entertainer as Michael Jackson and I don't think we'll see that again. If we do, I'll be grateful. But I'm very, very grateful that I got to be a part of the biggest music history that we've ever seen, and I'm grateful for the music he created with his genius. Michael Joseph Jackson was the first person to really mix black and white, and for that we can all be thankful. He contributed to the world by making the world a better place with charity and as an inspirational and goodhearted person. That's what he fought for, a better world, and that's what we all should do too. To honor Michael, we should all do whatever we can to make this world a better place to live.

As a friend told me: "Michael's up there with God now, doing the Moonwalk"


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