"They still say why why just tell them it's Human Nature"

Naomi Welsh, I'm sorry for putting this up without asking you but I don't know how to contact you. I hope you don't mind me having it here, I was so moved and so happy to see such true and precious words coming from a 14 year old, it's like loking at myself when I was your age. Please if you see this, write to me. Love, Sara

Naomi Welsh
"I am 14 years old and words are not enough to express how shocked and saddened I am at the loss of my hero, idol and inspiration Michael Jackson. I believe he was a sweet gentle soul who was taken advantage of by many people. He was so misunderstood everyone thought he was weird and bizarre because the media presented him in such a negative way just to make money because negative news sells. But I never believed any of the rumors I\'ve always believed in him.

He was treated so unfairly in this world I hope history will be kind to him. I wish I had the pleasure to get to know him but I know in my heart he wasn\'t just and incredible

artist/dancer he was and incredible person. All he ever did was try to make the world a better place, He helped so many charities, He helped and saved so many terminally ill children, and inspired people through his beautiful music. He also helped me with his music when I was going through a difficult time with bullying his music give me hope. He helped me to stay strong in difficult times cuz I knew that he had been through worse so I could get through anything but I didn\'t think I\'ll be able to get over his death. Through his music he changed my attitude to life and give me a more positive hopeful outlook. I will be forever grateful for everything he \'s done from the bottom of my heart I really do appreciate it and I will never forget it. He\'s did so many things for this world and I hope everyone will remember and appreciate what he has done. I was so looking forward to see him in concert I\'m devastated that I\'ll never be able to see him perform live. I love him unconditionally, He will always be in my heart and thoughts. I pray for his children, family and fans through this tragic time. He was an angel who had did his time on earth and now he is at home at Heaven where he is finally at peace. He\'s out of our lives and it cuts like a knife. Why did he have to go and leave our world so cold? I just can\'t stop loving him and I\'ll never stop and I greatly miss him he\'s irreplaceable a rare gift from God. Fate has took it\'s course but they still say why why just tell them it is Human Nature.I miss him greatly God Bless you Michael Jackson and rest in Peace."



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