"The World Is Really Your Stage"

Leanne, your condolence also moved me and I hope you're okay with me showing it here, for everyone to see and be a part of.. Love, S

Dearest Michael,

You have been a part of my life before I was able to speak and say your name, you unknowingly comforted me through difficult times and gave me much pleasure in my life for almost 30 years, and now I am finding it difficult to put into words how I feel now that you are gone!!!

It's hard to conceive how one individual is capable of capturing the hearts and minds of millions of people, you had a presence that was enchanting and hard to resist, your dancing your singing and everything that you represented was something to be admired, this invoked a sense of wanting to better yourself by following in your footsteps, you are like an addiction and now I am in withdrawal.

I hope now where ever you are your safe, happy and in no more pain. God I wish I could have met you! I am so envious of those that did, I knew in the back of my mind that I would never really meet you but knowing you were somewhere under the same sky made it easy to bare. Who knows maybe you still are about, we just can't see you, and maybe one day we will meet on another plain of existence??.

There will never be another person like you, and I would never want there to be! It'ss so difficult watching your videos and listen to your music and looking at your photos. It's comforting at first then a sneaking memory pops into my head bringing me back to reality, reality that your gone. I look at the sky, tree's almost anything and it brings me back to you, and know that you will never see these things again and it hurts so much.

Some people celebrate a life and all their achievement, but I find that to difficult to bare at this moment in time, as an overwhelming feeling of loss hijacks my emotions and holds them at ransom. My little world has come to a standstill and I just don't know how to get it jump started again. I am hoping time does heal!!

You truly have gone too soon and this world is going to be a very different place without you, and I chose to believe that GOD wanted and needed you so much more or he thought that you had gone through enough pain in your life for any one person to endure. I just know that I will miss you and mourn you until my last moments on this earth as will many people in this world.

Michael although I will miss you dearly I cannot hide my feelings of anger around the circumstances of your death, that seems could have been so easily avoided. I am angry at you for not taking greater care of yourself, you influenced and possessed so many people who worshiped you, and I feel partly that you had a responsibility to those people to look after yourself, but on the other hand its your life and your body to do what you choose, and its not your burden to bare to take into account everyones emotions, when it appeared you had your hands full with your own. Also I am angry with those who I feel should have been looking out for you, where were they??? Everyone could see a physical change in you, and that you needed help what went wrong??? I feel so frustrated.

I Love you and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, your three children and close friends, they having know you much be finding it so much more difficult to bare.

Yours forever Rest in Peace, the world really is your stage

King of pop XxxX


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