"This is Michael Jackson"

I'm sitting having my breakfast, listening to Vinyl 107.1, a radio station playing songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's. The radio speaker lets out:  ..music from the 60's "Hi! We're The Supremes"..70's "Hi, this is Elton John" and the 80's "This is Michael Jackson". And it hits me that just the sound of his voice brings up emotions of joy in me, and I try to think of why, and it hits me again. The part of my life when I was young and my whole universe was spinning around Michael, that was really one of the happiest times in my life. So when I think of Michael, I associate to happiness and only good times. Obviously that's not the only reason why I dig him so much, after all he is one of the biggest stars in our history, if not THE biggest one, so how couldn't I?

I was out walking this morning for a long time. I was standing in the entrance to my house before I went out, deciding which music to put on for the long walk. I made a new playlist with entirely Michael's songs. It was a given choice since he raises my mood and that puts my motivation on top! It feels like it's me against the world and I'm walking there you know thinking "I wish you all could feel the way I feel right now". I really wish everyone that happiness. If you all new the love I have for this man's music and the way he's affected my childhood in such an enormous way that it even sticks with me throughout this day, you'd want to have a piece of it too I'm sure. And I'm sure it'll keep on enriching my life for as long as I live because as long as I have my memories, I'll have my joy.

You know, even on the greyest and most depressing day, I can escape that for a while. All I have to do is put on one of my favorite songs of Michael and it all gets a little bit sunnier, in my life. I'm so glad and I'm so grateful that we live in times when it's ok to listen to whatever music you like, at least where I live. I'm truly sorry for the ppl who might not have that opportunity to do that, I really am. A big part of the joy in my life comes from listening to the music I love.

So the next time you're having a depressing day, put on "Just a Little Bit of You". I promise you it'll make you feel a bit better, at least for a while :)


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