I Will Forever Miss You

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, is dead. He was taken in to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest and was then in a coma. It is with great sorrow that I now have understood that it has truly happened. If I were to describe the grief inside of me, in this very moment, I'd compare it with the loss of my father, 14 years ago. After my father's death, some of you know he became a light in my life then; he inspired me to live my life again, as a happy child. The music kept me busy thinking about all the steps I had to learn for the different dance routines, his kindness thought me to be a good person and most of all, he made my everyday life fun. He replaced the grief I had for my father with joy for his music and dancing. That way, he became a very big and important figure in my life. And now that he's dead, it's like he took a big part of my childhood, down with him into the grave. I've lost something. I've lost a fellow companion on this earth, who I never got to meet, but who still made such a huge impact on me and the ways I choose to act and be as a human being.

People around the world are crying rivers of tears; I'm seeing it right now. I can't stop crying.

We will always remember the sad and tragic story of this man who only wanted good for the world. I'm sure he had his flaws, but what do you expect from a child who grew up in fear all his life and who always had high expectations on him. The spotlight on this little kid, throughout life. I feel so sorry for him that he didn't get the appreciation he deserved, for the things he's done on this earth, in this life. If we had more people like him, we'd probably have more love within, because it's contagious.

The one thing I hope the most, is that he didn't die feeling he was alone. A whole world stood by his side all through his career, and today, the day he died.

ALL my thoughts and ALL my love goes out to Michaels three little kids, his parents and his siblings, all his friends and everyone else who loves him and who will forever miss him.

He sure saved my life in a way, and I know for sure that he saved a lot of others too.
Every time I heard one of your songs playing, I felt a bit happier. When I think of the happiest and most joyful times in my childhood, I think of you. The part when I knew all you songs, even though all the words probably wasn't right since I wasn't as good in English at the age of eight. The times when I watched you on stage on TV, performing as a true entertainer, like no one else. And the times when I wished I could come to Neverland and just play games all day. But most of all, I'll remember all the birthdays when I wished for you to come in the door and surprise me with "Happy Birthday". The letter I wrote to you will never be read by you. But I will keep it with me throughout life, and I'll think of you and the things you did that affected a whole world.

I look back at you and you were such a happy child. I get sad when I read things like people saying that you had yourself to blame for all of the things that happened and went wrong in your life. I try to see to the best in every person, and I know that growing up the way you did, you really can't expect a person to be "like everyone else".  I think you wanted the acknowledgement and liking from your father, that's why you were always chasing the attention and success. It's psychological, everyone understands that. I wish people weren't so ignorant. We live in the 21 century and we should be able to analyze and think beyond actions that he did. We should have tried to be more understanding instead of judging. What importance does it make that he changed his face? If you really wanted to pick on him, you should have looked at the facts first. We all know that when we don't feel good with ourselves, we want to change it. Michael grew up being teased for his big nose and then having superficial people all around him all his life AND having the whole world looking at him. No wonder you want to change yourself, and he had the money to do it, many times.

I read somewhere that "when you're on top of the world, there's nowhere to go but down". I guess it's true. Just look at all of our big stars throughout time, they all lived luxurious lives with everything a man can wish for, but they all died a tragic death.

Michael was a special person; he was sensitive and very emotional. He loved fairytales and magical things. He smiled as often as he could and he did good things for this world. He loved kids and he loved acting like a kid. The man never had a childhood, hell I'd miss it too. I believe he truly was special. Some people are set on this earth to make a change, and he sure did.  He sure did in me, and I'll carry on his message throughout my life.

All my life I wished nothing more than to just be able to tell Michael my appreciation for him and his work. I never got to do that and I'll regret it for all my life. But I'll do one thing:

From this day on, I'll live for a world in peace. Your life, your work and your strength will never be forgotten. It stays within me, and within billions of people, throughout history.

You're a legend my friend. You'll always be my friend. Feel loneliness no more, only peace.

August 29, 1958

June 25, 2009


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