"I think we have another lead singer"

During the 60's everyone wanted to be part of a singing group. While other kids in the neighborhood were out in the streets singing in their groups, the Jackson brothers were rehearsing at home. Not because they didn't want to join the other kids or because they didn't have the courage too, but because Joseph didn't let them. The brothers had to practice twice a day, before and after school, seven times a week. Because of that they had to put up with a lot of bullying from others, having rocks thrown in through the windows while rehearsing. They thought the brothers were thinking too high of themselves, like they were better than the rest. If they only knew.

Back in the days when the kids were very young, especially Michael since he hasn't got any recollection of this, Joseph had his own band with his brother Luther and three other guys and they were called "The Falcons". They used to play in bars and small clubs to get some extra income, hoping for a big breakthrough. It never came, but Joseph never stopped believing.

Joseph stacked his guitar in the closet in his and Katherine's bedroom where he hoped it'd stay safe and untouched by others since it was the only thing he had left from his crashed dreams of one day becoming famous. Michael remembers calling it "a sacred place". While Joseph were at work all day Katherine was home with the kids, and on some occasions she used to take down the guitar and play for the kids and they would all sing together.

Even before the brothers became a group they weren't allowed to associate with the other kids because Joseph and Katherine thought their neighborhood was a dangerous place to live and they were always afraid their children would be hurt. The brothers, as everyone else, really wanted to join a group, but since they couldn't they started to sing together at home. Sometimes they used to sneak into the bedroom and get Joseph's guitar and Tito would play it. Their mother knew about it but she'd let them play. One day a string broke and they all knew they were in trouble. They put the guitar back in the closet hoping for him not to notice. Joseph did notice it though and Tito got beaten real badly. When Joseph finally calmed down, Tito said: "You know, I can play that thing. I really can." Joseph looked at him and said: "Okay, lemme see what you can do, smart guy." And so he played it and Jermaine sang a bit, and Joseph lit up. This was what they had kept as a secret from their father for a long time. And when he discovered the true talent in his sons he decided that he was going to do everything in his power to make his sons stars!

When Jackie, Tito and Jermaine practiced, Mike and Marlon used to sit on the side and watch. Later on Marlon also joined the group, not really supplying with anything, but Katherine insisted on having him in it anyways. One day when they were rehearsing as usual, Katherine was watching Michael while he was imitating the other boys, especially Jermaine when he was doing James Brown. Katherine was so surprised when she heard the voice of that little boy she knew that they had found a new lead singer, Michael was perfect for it.


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