Ghosts and Underground Funfairs

Have you ever heard about that massive 26,000 square foot Foxbury Manor in Chislehurst, Kent, with its 8 archers of landscape surrounding it? Well I sure have now, and it's being rented by Michael throughout his 50-dates tour. The Manor is a private home of a wealthy Turkish family who obviously aren't in the need of any more money, but they sure did a great investment in having the King of Pop staying in their home. Imagine if they're every going to sell the place, being able to say "Michal Jackson lived in our home during his last (?) tour."

Ever since Michael had to sell his beloved Neverland Ranch four years ago, when his debts forced him to sell it, he's been missing it a lot. He's having the whole mansion refurbished and transformed into a "mini-Neverland" with a, just to mention some of the things, funfair in the grounds and a bowling alley. The master bedroom alone, and I mean MASTER, is 1,800 feet.

The Foxbury is right next to Chislehurst Caves with its 22 miles of underground passageways where it's been said that countless mysterious reports of ghost sighting and poltergeist activity which has been featured at BBC's Most Haunted. Michael can feel safe though because of his fully installed camera system all around the house, both in and out. You'll need a password for the main gate and another one to get through the front door.

Neither fanatic fans nor ghosts will be able to bother Michael now, I'm sure.

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