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I am proud to say that I'm a true humanitarian and I have endless love for animals. I love children and I pay enormous love and respect to the elder. I love the fact that I am filled with humble and the fact that I can share a tear when I see injustice and hurt around the world.

The reason for my membership in Heal The World Foundation ( is really because of Michael. I'm sad to say that his death got me to act, but I have always been a humanitarian, just going through rough phases in life until now. I love the world we are living in and I want to help making it a better place.

Next year I'm moving to LA to study Film and Media in dreams of making films one day. My passion in life is to inspire people to the better and to really touch people's hearts. My dream is to make movies like Michael made music.

The first time I really got touched by the problems in the world was during my trip to Kenya last year when we visited a orphanage. It was awful to leave, knowing they would still be there, hungry and without a mother and a father. I am doing my part now and collecting all sorts of useful things to send them.

I am a monthly donor to Amnesty (human rights) and WSPA (animal rights). It feels natural to me to do so and that I can encourage many more to do so by doing it myself. I also want to work as a volunteer in the future.

I'm already happier now that I know that I have done something and that I can do even more, and that I will. My heart is warm and I feel more love than in a long time.

My hopes and dreams of becoming a successful film writer is to use that success to help others, just like Michael inspired me.

What's very important to see is that Michael was, in my eyes, neither black nor white, because he was not a race, he was person. Just by being himself, he opened up bridges that had seemed endless before, between all races, especially blacks and whites. Just his presence with sick and hurting children made them heal for a while. He put smiles on their lips when he let them come and play at Never Neverland and he inserted hope in their hearts when he showed them that he was a living example that dreams CAN come true. Even though he was already giving all of himself to show business and to his fans, he always managed to take some extra time for the children all over the world. So many of us don't even do that even though we have so much spare time that we don't even know what to do with it. I know I have been wasting too much time now by doing nothing; it's time to make a change, in me and in the world. I encourage you to do the same. Small or big, it's all needed a lot and we can all contribute with something, just get you act together and actually do it. Right now, sign up as a godparent to a orphan child in South America or donate a small portion (or huge if you like) to a helping organization in Africa. Go to Pakistan and work as a volunteer for the hungry and wounded. Or just next time you pass by a homeless on the street, buy him or her a sandwich or give some change, or just at least give him or her a smile. A smile can change someone's day, which turns into weeks, and then years and finally into life. I believe in a change, it's all about believing.

I love you Mike, and if there is a God, may he bless your soul, the most sweetest and loving of hearts.

we CAN make a change ♥


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