Michael Jackson: A Man Whom the World Was Unable To Hold

During the interview with Barbara Walters in 1997 the two talked about Media's way of presenting him badly. Barbara then said: "Michael, is it the journalists' role, or the press' role to be kind?" Michael looked at her with a disappointed look and repeated her last words gently:"To be kind?" He continued: "What you saw happened to lady Diana.. you tell me, there should be some boundaries some kind of way.. the star needs some space. Give them a chance to relax, she has a heart, she ‘s human."

Somewhere along the way, the media took it too far. A person can only take a certain amount of lies and humiliation, he was after all a person, and not an immortal as some of us liked to think of him. I do not blame the media entirely for the death of Michael, I also blame extortionists, heartless and egoistic people and he probably had himself to blame for some of it too. But I think no matter how a person chooses to be, as long as it is in good ways, they should always be able to live however they like. I've heard that Michael wasn't always easy to hang out with but someone should have stepped up and said: "This man has never known a "normal" life and the life he knew was very much jammed with rehearsals and traumatized beatings when he was younger. The part of our life when we are shaped into who we are and when we normally learn how to socialize with other kids, Michael had to witness adult things that a child shouldn't have to witness and live an grown up life when he really wasn't ready for it. When a child needs time to fantasize and be carried when one's tired, Michael had the biggest responsibility to be the image of an enormously famous group and whom always had huge expectations on him."  Then ask yourself, what do you be like? It's hard to imagine I know, that's why we should always try to be understanding and accepting of as much and as many we can.

I just want to say that Michael's parents also did a great job raising this boy into being a fantastic human begin. I just can't get passed the long time abuse that Joseph put poor Michael through, I'm sorry but that is hard to ignore. Unfortunately I believe much of Michael's adult life was a result of a harsh up-bringing. But I would also like to thank Joseph for partly doing what you did. Without you Michael would obviously not have become what he was.

Even I can feel from time to time that I'd like to go back to my childhood and get rid of all responsibility in adult life and just have nothing but fun. Michael managed to do that and I think that's big of him. I admire him for having a child in him which I believe we all do, but we're afraid to let it out in fear of losing control. Not very many adults can act childish, on a child's level, the way he did. Michael helped a lot of children and it's very important not to forget that. Like his own mother used to say when he was watching starving children in Africa, he would cry. To Michael there were no races, no boys or girls, no rich or poor. To him we were all the same and he could love anyone, I truly believe that, and I am sure that we can all learn from his ways.

Unfortunately Michael's good work and wonderful persona was overshadowed by bad rumors and reputations. I just learned that he got into the World Wide record book for the most charities done by a celebrity, a total of 39 different charities. Michael also founded the "Heal the World Foundation" in 1992 which focuses on children's rights and needs. It also helps to improve the world we are living in, for a world without violence and diseases. It's followed by the "Heal the Kids Foundation" in 2002 which was set up as a campaign to help parents and adults to educate them in reprioritizing their lives in order to bring children into their main focus. And let's not forget all the times he's brought loads of children to play at Never Neverland. Michael had actual rooms with beds in them and a pane of glass so that the really sick ones could join in as much as the less sick and just lay there watching movies.

Michael was an awfully shy and sensitive person from what I understand and he just didn't know how to cope with it all. It's like back in the days when people would call him "a 42 year old midget", and he'd get sad, very sad. The world was too hard for a soul as gentle as Michael I believe and some liked to call him a UFO who didn't fit in. I'd say Michael was just too much for this cold world to handle.


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