Illuminati and Government Concpiracy - Was Michael's Death Really Accidental?

Now something called " Illuminati" is said to have killed Michael Jackson. Illuminati is also called the "New World Order" or the "Secret Society". The first time I ever heard of Illuminati was just a couple of hours ago when I received a mail on Facebook with a video in it from a guy, stating that they were the ones who'd killed Michael. From what I have read they are worshipers of Satan. Their way of spreading their message is by Michael was all about peace and love, in fact it was so strong he had to silenced, some say. The illuminati don't want peace and love, they want fear and war. A person such as Michael with the strong impact that he had on the world and with the clear message he had, was a dangerous threat to the "secret society". People say that's what happened to John Lennon and Princess Diana too, the two of them spoke of love and peace too. A lot of artist, mostly rappers, has sung about the "New World Order" and "The Illuminati". Jay Z sing: "Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body.. Secret society trying to keep their eye on me.." Immortal Technique sings: "You think Illuminati's just a fuckin conspiracy theory?" Fatboy Slim sings: "Illuminati. A secret society exists." Gamma Ray goes on: "Illuminati, You've come to take control, You can take my heartbeat, But you can't take my soul. We all shall be free." "Illuminati, You'll never take control, You're New World Order will lead to none at all, We all stand before you as one, Heaven is for everyone, To be free from the dark."  Michael did speak of a conspiracy, trying to set him up for example the pedophile charges, but what kind of conspiracy he was referring to, we don't know. There is actually an eye on the wall of the "They Don't Care About Us" video when he's in that alley, whatever that's suppose to tell us. The New World Order controls the government and the media they say. Through the media and technology they spread their message, right before our eyes, without us noticing it. The Illuminati goes back to the Babylon which apparently was the Illuminati's head quarters.

There is also a theory involving the CIA. Now Michael Jackson was as we all know a person in great debt for years before he died. He owed a lot of people money and the concerts he was about to do this summer wouldn't even get close to pay off all the debts he had. A friend told me: "He was worth more dead than alive, and it could have been in some people's interest to kill him." I actually never thought about it that way, but the sales is going more crazy than ever and apparently he is about to pass the 200 million barrier soon. That way everyone would get their money back. Apparently the CIA and the US government have very strong connections with secret societies such as the Illuminati. On the one dollar bill there is a picture of a pyramid with an eye over it, the eye of Lucifer (a fallen angel who later on became Satan), on the left side of the bill. The symbol is said to be the symbol of the New World Order. I believe the eye is a symbol of seeing everything, a symbol of control, the "all seeing eye". They say that he was one of the Illuminati's front men in the 20th century, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and that he was the one to put it on the American money bill. Apparently there are many secret societies especially in America, but a few, such as Illuminati, appear frequently.

 On Youtube there is a series of clips, all combines a 1 hour and 20 minutes documentary about "*Rare Video* 1987 The Secret Government". The audio though has been removed because "it has not been authorized by WMG".

I was just told that there is suspected to have been a 3 hour gap between Michael's death and the call to the paramedics. A couple of hours before his death two women were seen going into the Jackson house bringing out boxes with documents.

I am not saying I belive in any of this but whatever happened to Michael, I'm starting to doubt his death was accidental, but what I'm really hoping is that the real tragedy is as simple as an overdose,


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