Sign My Petition: Bring Back Never Neverland For the Children In Need!

PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION: Bring Back Never Neverland For the Children In Need

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I'm asking you with all my heart to sign my petition. Please spread the word about this petition to everyone, we need to reach the goal of 1 million people so that we coninue with our hopes of a restoration of Never Neverland.


For many of us who had a dream, that dream might be gone now that Michael is no longer here to lead us. Well Michael might be gone, but his good heart laid paths before us during his living life for us to continue. Michael's dream of healing the world and his journey towards world peace shall be carried forward in all of us now. We are all part of this world and we all have a responsibility to protect it, and protect each other.
Michael believed in our children, and he used to say "I see God in the face of children". Neverland Ranch isn't just any place; it is the place where dreams of children in need come true. Michael's initiative to bring kids into Neverland to play meant a great deal to them in their healing process, just because of the fact that it was his home. He made a great impact on the world, especially the children, and he still does.  

This is a fantastic way to preserve the memory of Michael Jackson in his favorite place on earth and in the same time enlighten needy children's lives by letting them in once again to have a blast. Neverland Ranch is a haven and a paradise for a child who's going through a hard time and just by letting them spend a day there or two would really make a difference in their lives. Once again, just the fact that it was a home of the greatest superstar of all time makes the place and the visit magic.

So let's bring back the little red steam engine, fill up the bar with lots of candy and start playing those cartoons. Let's bring back the animals and turn on the rides, let's once again open up the gates to Never Neverland and let the children forget for a while and just have fun.

If we don't do this, there is a risk that it is going to turn out as a resort, gambling casino or wine-growing. The plans are many and as we speak it is being planned.

Sign the petition if you think Never Neverland should get its right heart back, the way it should be. Let in Peter Pan, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Mickey Mouse and his Minnie, Pooh and the gang and many, many more !

Make dreams come true, children are our future.


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