What an evening

I just came home from a crazy evening. I feel all excited and elated, refilled with loads of energy! We were at Mamal's (Malle) place, havin a Michael Jackson evening, and it was just soo great. It was a long time since I saw him "live", we watched "Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour 1992". It was just loovely to see him perform on stage again, I lust love him. I had to hold back the tears a lot of times not to present myself as a wimp. Naah, it's not bad being able to cry, it's goood. I'll cry so much in London, it'll cover a lifetime of cryin, so I better not waste it.
We were singin along to all the songs and groovin to the music. It's really amazing that we still know the lyrics by heart, I'll know them ever better in August (!!!). Mamal told me he's an ass kicker on the dancefloor when he get's a couple of shots of tequila and hears Billie Jean from the speakers. I'd LOVE to see that, he tells me he's awesome when he starts to dance, does all the moves. I'm just all excited to see that! I don't know my moves any longer, but I'm sure I can learn them easily again.
We agreed on paying Michael a little visit when we come to London, we're gonna try to get a glimse of his new home. Just knowing his home is somewhere there, so close, that'll be just to unreal for me. Im SO exciited!
The highlight of the concert was when Michael had just finished "She's Out of My Life" and BAM (!!) comes "I Want You Back", a real oldie, I just love it !

You know when "She's Out of My Life" beginns, and he picks a girl up on stage (gosh I envy her for that short moment) and she throws herself on him and he hugs her. It looks so loving. Mamal said to me at that momen: "Imagine to get a hug from him, that would just be amazing". I answered him with a kind: "I wonder what that would be like. If maby one hug from him would change my life forever, like i'd get all filled up with so much love from him, i'd be able to live on it for the rest of my life"."What a feeling", Mamal said. "I wouldn't be able to let go". Our love for him is so strong, and I'm happy I found someone in my life who knows me, who knows what I'm feeling when I see Michael perform or when I hear him on the radio. It's not an everyday feeling, it's soo much more. I want to tell the whole world how I feel inside when I think of Michael. I want everyone to know that it is possible to love someone you've never even met, but someone who has somehow turned your life upside down. When my father died, I was 7 years old.. My life went into millions peices. I didn't know how to express what I kept inside. But I found safety, and a way to finally ease my broken heart. That's when Michael entered my life. Of course I miss my father and nothing in the world can replace the loss of him (I love you with all my heart daddy, I think of you always and I will never ever forget, you're always in me, forever), but somehow Michael filled a big part of that loss and gave me joy, a lot of joy. I don't really think my mom knows, still, how much he really means to me, I don't think anyone does actually, except for the other true fans.

It's incredible how he's affected my life so much, by not even being present a bit. I want to understand this mystery and find the answears hidden behind all of our questions, and i'd like to be able to understand Micheal, what he really feels. This connection between him and his fans is nothing like we've ever seen before. Why? How is that? Why is it that one by one during his concerts fainth just by the sight of him, crying their eyes out, ripping their hair. Fighting like animals for a hat he's thrown out in the sea of people. I'm not saying I wouldn't do that, I'll get back from London all cried out, without a voice, and I'll be happy as I've never been before, I'm sure.

I just want to let everyone know what a strong affection I feel for him. And I wish everyone to feel the kind of love that I feel. The happyness I feel within me when I just think of him. He's something, he really is. He, himself, is a hope for the human being. He, himself, is all the joy in our world. If we all could be a little bit more like Michael, the world would be a much more pleasant place to live in, im sure.

Remember to smile, and show your next one what life's really about. To show love, unconditionally. Turn to the one next to you and just smile, tell her or him it's a great day, just to be alive. Be thankful. Thank you for all you've given me, it's well kept in my heart.
Be thankful you all.

I love you ♥ I love you so much

Posted by: malle

yes is was soo nice that athoer nigt

i am too very happy that i now have a person

in my life hoo has the same love fore michael as mee.

it whas are first meeting together with michael

but not the last not even close!!

i shed one tear but i hide it from sara:-)

to be continued:-)

nice page (btw)

see you later sara and michael

Love Mamal

2009-04-07 @ 13:35:41
Posted by: Sara

Haha you diiid? I thought I saw some glitter in your eyes :)

I'm happy happy happy, I can't wait untill London.

Lots of loove :D


2009-04-07 @ 17:23:04
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Let me hear it babe

Your name
Please, stay ;)



Rock on! Make us happy :)

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