Michael is on top for his concerts

According to "TheWrap" Michael is rehearsing somewhere in L.A. for his 50 upcoming shows starting in July 2009.

"He is fine and in great shape and is healthy and rehearsing in Los Angeles," said Gary Pudney, a friend and business associate to Michael, and executive producer of the "World Music Awards."

Pudney says fans shouldn't be worried about cancelled shows or a sub-par performance. "He's in very good health," Pudney said. "He's taken very good care of himself, and anyone saying he isn't rehearsing is wrong. This is it. There are a lot of people out there who wish him ill."

Michael has a history though of problems with concerts. In 2005 Marcel Avram, a German concert promoter, won agains Mike in a multi-million-dollar judgment trail for the damages he had cost for not performing.

London Telegraph has reported that AEG Live, the promoter behind This Is It, has been trying to settle an agreement of a full cancellation policy with insurers. Bower's Guardian reports that the promoters has secured an insurance for just the first ten days of the tour, an not for the whole fifty.

If the other forty days are refused to be insuranced, Michael might be the one who has to pay $350,00 to $500,00 a performance from his own pocket, if anything happens with any of the concerts.

"The promoter needs business interruption insurance because historically these tours have not go on as planned," said a veteran promoter who asked not to be identified. "The hall may not let you play without insurance. It doesn't want to be holding the bag."

But the editor-in-chief of Pollstar.com, Gary Bongiovanni, who tracks the buissness of the concerts told TheWrap that MJ02 and AEG Live will be able to handle it if the risk of any interruptions occures for any of the concerts.

"You have to have basic liability insurance," said Bongiovanni, "but having nonperformance is not an absolute."

Source: MJStar


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