Mental Michael, Mental Fans

When I've been reading about Michael and searching a lot of articles, I've constatly come across articles where his fans are described as "menatal", "deeply disturbed", "weird" and " franatic." What most people don't understand is that many of us fans share a special relation to Michael, to his music mostly. And the fact that it can't be accepted is really sad. As I've said before, everything that falls out of the ordinary pattern of how people should be and act, is weird.

It's an ordinary sight to see Michael's fans crying hysterically, stretching their arms towards him while screaming out his name again and again, hoping for him to hear them. Waiting for hours and days outside his home just to get a glimpse of him, writing poems and songs proclaiming their true love. It seems like everything concerning Michael is mental, since he is (?). The smallest mistakes becomes worldwide news, just because it's him. People become alienized when they associate with him. His fans becomes wierdoes just like him just because we happen to see things in him that they don't. This "Wacko-Jacko hysteria" that I'd like to call it has gotten totally out of hand. The rediculeness and over exaggerated wave that's swept over Michael Jackson has lost it's control a long time ago and there's no longer any limits of how far you can go.

Me, as a big fan of Michael, always has to defend my relation to Michael. When I say I am a huge fan 
and that I love everything about him, people instantly higher their eyebrowns and think "This girl's probably weird." Yes, I say I love him, and yes I would probably cry rivers if I saw him. But isn't that beautiful? I do it out of love. I do it because I feel something very strongly about this person and because he is my biggest passion in life. That's where I get my inspiration to be a better person, hope for a better future, my love, the joy that he bring to me trough his music. Whenever a persom has someone to look up to, someone to love or someone to worship, let them. He bring me a lot which a lot of people probably are missing in their lifes. Shouldn't we embrace people like me and many others with me and support them in their love, instead of putting us down and persuade others to dislike us.

Don't "mental" Michael, and don't "mental" us. Love instead of hate.


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