Anyone can be lonely, even the most seen ones

It might be hard for people to understand how someone so famous, always surrounded by great people and fans, can still be so loneley. I don't know if he still is, but he used to. Everyone told Michael how happy he must be for having such a wonderful life, with all the success. I can understand his lonelyness. Although he was always in the center, surrounded by people, he probably felt he couldn't trust people anymore. It's not strange considering what he's been trough all his youth, being let down and lied to by grown-ups over and over, ever since he was a little kid. He was learned that it was ok to lie when he was just about 8-9 years old (in showbiz, but anyway..). His father who continually cheated on Michael's beloved mother, the disapointment he felt to his best friend and brother (Jermaine), and not to forget the abuse he was put through by Joseph (Michael's father), sometimes on a daily basis. The childhood that was completely taken away from him, no wonder he acts like a child now, several years later.
Michael once told Jane Fonda (who's a great friend of Micheal) that he felt so miserable and that he was having a terrible life. This was during the 1980's. Michael was afraid to move out of the house where he was living with his big family, he feared he'd end up all alone. Sometimes he took a walk around the neighbourhood to find someone just talk to, that's how lonely he felt. It just brings such sorrow to my heart to hear that.

I know that feeling, when you know you have people around you, who say they care, but you still feel like the loneliest person in the world. There's something missing, for sure. And for Michael, he felt like he was from an other world, no place to feel secure. But I think what hurt him the most, was the upbringing in general by his father. It couldn't have been easy for a poor 9 yearold to be taken to a stripclub by his dad, while his mother, who he loved so so much (and of course still does), was at home unknowing of what was going on. He was forced to lie to his mother about his father's affairs, because of the fear of his dad, but also because he knew how hurt his mother would have been if she were to find out. Just think of it, how would you turn out to be if you, your whole growing up, was to be treated this way? Would you be a perfect sane person, like a "normal" person? I don't think so. We get hurt, and it stick with us our whole lives. Even though he was brought up this way, he always smiled and tried to make the best for people, and he still is. He might aswell have turned out to an abuser himself, but instead he's a man who stands for peace on earth.

It's a proof that all the money and fame in the world wont make you happy..


Posted by: Patty

It's true your finnal statement. So many people get hurt because of lack of love in their childhood. We go ahead through life with this stigma. However, I felt that his kids made him a different man. It worked for me, I have 3 boys and besides I am not happy and I am always lonely, I have some chains that no one could brake. I understand that Michael felt the same with his kids. He is different and I dont know if all that you write has to do with it. I think that you come to this world for a purpose. And he is here with us for bear our burdens, to heal with his songs our hearts. To stand all the haters and grow stronger than ever.

2009-04-13 @ 23:12:00

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