Rumours About A Fragile Health

The most recent news about Michael is concerning his health. Since the concerts have been postponed and he's been seen coming out of his doctor's office several times in just a short period of time, there might be a reason for concern.

During the press conference not so long ago Randy Phillips, chief executive of AEG Live, announced that there is nothing wrong with Michael's health and that the tour is postponed only because of lack of time for the preparations. Now, sources say that Michael's only showed up at two out of forty-five rehearsals.

Ever since the last trial of child abuse, Michael's state has been said to be very fragile and that he's been spotted in a wheel chair on and off the last five years. Now weather that is true or not can be discusses, he has as a matter of fact cheated all of us in thinking he was in bad shape when he at one particular time, many years ago, performed in a wheel chair, although nothing was wrong with him. It was all a prank.

It's also been said that Michael hasn't really conquered the addictions he's been suffering from since the first trial. Apparently 50 year old Michael is taking pain killers for back pain that's troubling him.

Personally, I have a hard time believing that would be true. Why would anyone agree to a tour with 50 dates if people doubted his physical condition, and his mental condition too for that matter?

'I would trade my body for his tomorrow. He's in fantastic shape,' said his promoter Mr. Phillips during the last press conference.

Some people have said right from the beginning, and they still do, that Michael's never meant for this to really happen. They believe that this whole thing isn't going to happen, at all. Michael has cancelled shows before and he recently cancelled a lavish auction (which was a good thing though).

So what if the whole thing would to be cancelled? Let's try to imagine what that would be like. Now each concert is estimated to hold about 20 000 fans. Multiply that by 50, that'll give you 1 million hopeful and ecstatic fans. Let's say every third person has already bought a plane tickets and booked a hotel + her/his concert ticket (and let's hope that one will be refundable at least). Imagine how much wasted money we're talking about if this scenario would take place. And just think about the rage and the disappointment all of his fans will feel, even the ones who haven't got a ticket. People say Michael's career ended long ago, but just think about what this would do to him. It would definitely be the end, period.

Michael's been sued many times during his career, by advisors, accountants, friends - just to mention a few. And don't forget the two trials he's been through, it hasn't been cheep. It seems like everyone wants a piece of Michael's fortune and that has evidently left its trace in his economy. He's also known as a big spender, even when he hasn't got the money for it. Apparently that's the reason for the upcoming 50 concerts this summer. Michael himself claims that he really wants to follow through with these concerts, to remind people of the true entertainer that he is. He also wants to show his children what he's known for.

I'm sure that people will remember Michael as the star he is after his performances. Somewhere along the way things started to get out of hand and it was after all 12 years since his last tour, people do forget.

Let's hope the guys on AEG and Michael's staff knows what they're doing. It's going to be a hell of I show I've heard, a shame to miss out on such an historical event.




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