Back in the days when Michael still lived at the Encino estate, his own room was always known to be a bit messy. He had things all around and he could just sit in his room for days, without coming out (except to get something to eat). Something that might strike people as very odd was his five quiet friends whom he kept in his room. One Caucasian, Indian, Orienal and two blacks - they were mannequins. Not the usual friends one would have in their lives, but for Michael it was natural. For him the mannequins were more easy to talk to and to hang out with because they didn't ask him for favours, they didn't question him and most important; he didn't have to care about them just using him for his fortune and fame.

"I guess I want to bring them to life," he once said. " I like to imagine talking to them. You know what I think it is? Yeah, I think I'll say it. I think I'm accompanying myself with friends I never had. I probably have two friends. And I just got them. Being an entertainer, you just can't tell who is your friend. So, I surround myself with people I want to be my friends. And I can do that with mannequins. I'll talk to them."

It's not really too hard to imagine. Everyone needs someone and if you're as famous as Michael, it must be hard to trust people. It was an illusion which was necessary for him.


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