Michael Jackson: A Man Whom the World Was Unable To Hold

During the interview with Barbara Walters in 1997 the two talked about Media's way of presenting him badly. Barbara then said: "Michael, is it the journalists' role, or the press' role to be kind?" Michael looked at her with a disappointed look and repeated her last words gently:"To be kind?" He continued: "What you saw happened to lady Diana.. you tell me, there should be some boundaries some kind of way.. the star needs some space. Give them a chance to relax, she has a heart, she ‘s human."

Somewhere along the way, the media took it too far. A person can only take a certain amount of lies and humiliation, he was after all a person, and not an immortal as some of us liked to think of him. I do not blame the media entirely for the death of Michael, I also blame extortionists, heartless and egoistic people and he probably had himself to blame for some of it too. But I think no matter how a person chooses to be, as long as it is in good ways, they should always be able to live however they like. I've heard that Michael wasn't always easy to hang out with but someone should have stepped up and said: "This man has never known a "normal" life and the life he knew was very much jammed with rehearsals and traumatized beatings when he was younger. The part of our life when we are shaped into who we are and when we normally learn how to socialize with other kids, Michael had to witness adult things that a child shouldn't have to witness and live an grown up life when he really wasn't ready for it. When a child needs time to fantasize and be carried when one's tired, Michael had the biggest responsibility to be the image of an enormously famous group and whom always had huge expectations on him."  Then ask yourself, what do you be like? It's hard to imagine I know, that's why we should always try to be understanding and accepting of as much and as many we can.

I just want to say that Michael's parents also did a great job raising this boy into being a fantastic human begin. I just can't get passed the long time abuse that Joseph put poor Michael through, I'm sorry but that is hard to ignore. Unfortunately I believe much of Michael's adult life was a result of a harsh up-bringing. But I would also like to thank Joseph for partly doing what you did. Without you Michael would obviously not have become what he was.

Even I can feel from time to time that I'd like to go back to my childhood and get rid of all responsibility in adult life and just have nothing but fun. Michael managed to do that and I think that's big of him. I admire him for having a child in him which I believe we all do, but we're afraid to let it out in fear of losing control. Not very many adults can act childish, on a child's level, the way he did. Michael helped a lot of children and it's very important not to forget that. Like his own mother used to say when he was watching starving children in Africa, he would cry. To Michael there were no races, no boys or girls, no rich or poor. To him we were all the same and he could love anyone, I truly believe that, and I am sure that we can all learn from his ways.

Unfortunately Michael's good work and wonderful persona was overshadowed by bad rumors and reputations. I just learned that he got into the World Wide record book for the most charities done by a celebrity, a total of 39 different charities. Michael also founded the "Heal the World Foundation" in 1992 which focuses on children's rights and needs. It also helps to improve the world we are living in, for a world without violence and diseases. It's followed by the "Heal the Kids Foundation" in 2002 which was set up as a campaign to help parents and adults to educate them in reprioritizing their lives in order to bring children into their main focus. And let's not forget all the times he's brought loads of children to play at Never Neverland. Michael had actual rooms with beds in them and a pane of glass so that the really sick ones could join in as much as the less sick and just lay there watching movies.

Michael was an awfully shy and sensitive person from what I understand and he just didn't know how to cope with it all. It's like back in the days when people would call him "a 42 year old midget", and he'd get sad, very sad. The world was too hard for a soul as gentle as Michael I believe and some liked to call him a UFO who didn't fit in. I'd say Michael was just too much for this cold world to handle.

Michael Can't Stop Laughing :) Sweet Thing..

The Making of Black and White

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones Interview 1983 (1 of 2)

Quincy says following in this video: "Michael, I think this is gonna be like the "Citizen Kane" with the videos, I really do. It's gonna be the most revolutionairy thing in history of the videos, you know." "I mean it's a new art form, this one's leading the way, this one's leading the way.."  And look what happened.. he was right.

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones Interview 1983 (2 of 2)

"You're the Pepsi Generation.."

Don't we love this old school Pepsi commercial, probably the best ever

Old Times: Jackson 5 - It's Your Thing

From the Miss Black America Pageant in Madison Square Garden, New York City, 1969. Michael had probably not yet turned 11. The Jackson Five's first TV appearance, where they performed this Isley Brothers funk classic .

Old Times: Jackson 5 - Get Happy

Old Times: Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

During rehearsal way back in the days..

The Last Case of Inhumanly and Bloodthirsty Behavior

At the 2009 BET Awards last night Michael's father Joe Jackson let out, in an live interview with CNN, what we've all been saying: "I wish the world would have recognized him when he were living. Because you know, but right now he's bigger than ever now, but I wished he were here to see all of this, to hear all of this, yes."

But the focus was on Michael's "outrageous" private life instead. A lot of things can be argued, yes, but again, what would you expect from a person like him? The last case of inhumanly and bloodthirsty behavior concerns the resent tabloids about Michael's former nanny Grace Rwaramba who's been working for Michael for 17 years. Mallika Chopra (a good friend of Grace's), daughter of Deepak Chopra who was a good friend of Michael's, writes in an article that Grace's been deceived by someone she thought of as a friend and who exploited her when she was in a very vulnerable situation. Daphne Barak is the name of a woman who doesn't seem to have any barriers when it comes to making a good juicy salary on other people's expense. Daphne claims to be a friend of the Jackson family and that's where it's been said she met with Grace several years back. Just a couple of weeks before Michael's death Daphne reached out to Grace in support because she had once again been let go by Michael (evidently this was a common pattern in Michael's life, bringing people back and forth). The day after Mike's death was announced Mallika found out that Grace were staying in a hotel in London. She then rushed to the hotel to see her friend, where she found that Daphne was there with her. Before leaving the hotel for the airport to go to LA, Daphne told Ms Rwaramba she thought it would be a good idea if she talked to a lawyer first because she was afraid the Jackson family was going to blame Grace partly for Michael's death. Daphne had then actually arranged for her to see a fake lawyer so that she would let out everything there is about Michael. Grace didn't speak to the "lawyer", the two women just left.

Mallika says in her article: "Unfortunately, the story with Daphne and Grace seems to be one that echoes the vultures that took advantage of Michael throughout his life." She also says: "In the 17 years that Grace has worked with Michael, she has never spoken to the press. She loves Michael and his children at her core."

Now back to the interview with Mike's father. I have to say, even though I knew about the severe physical abuse that Joe put on Michael and his cold heart towards him at many times, I was deeply saddened and most surprised over his even colder appearance while talking about his son's death. It was like nothing had ever happened. If I were to see it and not knowing Michael had passed away, I wouldn't suspect anything. He was just unemotional and callous. I'm not sure if I got this right or not, it just seemed too inhuman to do such a thing, but I think Joe Jackson advertised himself while talking about the loss of his son. I feel more sorry for Michael than ever.


Now I know it wasn't just me, Joe Jackson DID use the situation of his son's death, live on CNN, to talk about his new up-coming career move.

As he said: "I wanna make a real good statement", he brought up an unidentified man who I understand is a business partner, and then he continued: "Marshall and I have -- we own a record company. Talking about Blu-ray technology. That's the next step."

People around the world are raged. I am sad for the situation. Not even when his son's in the grave, he can't stop eating off of him.

It Never Occured To Me

Yesterday I thought about the shock Michael's death has caused a lot of us, at least me, and I caught myself thinking he was immortal. The thought of Michael dying had never occurred to me before, ever. It was natural for me to picture him in the same age as his father.

"It's Time To Free You From Your Burdens"

Portia, I feelt like the world needed to hear this, so I am publisihing it here. I hope you're alright with that. Contact me if you see this. Love, Sara

mike, i am grieving, my heart is broken, my soul is lost.i cant eat, im numb, i feel so depressed.i dont even want to move anymore.i just want to sit in my computer and tv to see everything thats happening to you. i feel so sick and gutted that until now they dont know the cause of your death.if its drugs then so be it.i dont care.i fully understand what you have gone thru and i knew it was your way to escape the crazy and manipulative world you are in.it was the only way for you to escape pain.behind your smiles and energy, i feel that you are in so much pain...but bec. you love us so much..you refuse to stop and continued to entertain us...the vampires and leeches around you never cared about your health..they only cared about the money you are working hard for them...i was so okay for you not making a comeback....i was so okay watching you shopping and enjoying life with your kids...you didnt need to prove anything...you are the ONLY one...the drugs...they are so terrible to hear...why didnt anybody stop you...helped you....why did they let you go like that....i miss you so terribly now...you became part of my system..my life since i was 10...the first time i watch you perform..i just felt you are an incredible person and i didnt stop loving you after that..till now and forever until i die..

i feel so miserable knowing that i can never see you again..or meet you ever again....i read my email daily and have subscribed to all your fan sites..and whenever i get updates on you and new pics of you...i forget everything...i forego everything...just to open my mails and see you....

i just cant imagine life without you anymore..and its been 3 days since you left..and i cant stop crying....i ask God to help me fully understand why did he get you so soon...and when things are coming out about you..good or bad..the news are all over you..people coming out from no where...having their say against you or for you..i slowly realize...YOU HAVE MADE A HUGE COMEBACK...never to be surpassed..even when you are gone...you are love.not by one or tens, or hundreds but the whole world....i know you can see this..and with all your hardships, success, failures and pains...i finally realize that you have done so well...maybe God said..michael its time to go home, you have suffered so much in this world..its time to free you from your burdens...

and i know that you are in better place right now..where there is no more pain, anguish and suffering, no lies, no tabloid junk, no legal woes....just peace, serenity and tranquility....

i know you will always be there looking out for your children..like you always did..their in good hands....

rest now my sweet sweet michael..and let the angels take you to your real home in paradise where you will continue singing with your heavenly voice....sweet dreams dear michael...have no fear...you are free and safe now.....until we meet again....i love you very very much.......until then....

"The World Is Really Your Stage"

Leanne, your condolence also moved me and I hope you're okay with me showing it here, for everyone to see and be a part of.. Love, S

Dearest Michael,

You have been a part of my life before I was able to speak and say your name, you unknowingly comforted me through difficult times and gave me much pleasure in my life for almost 30 years, and now I am finding it difficult to put into words how I feel now that you are gone!!!

It's hard to conceive how one individual is capable of capturing the hearts and minds of millions of people, you had a presence that was enchanting and hard to resist, your dancing your singing and everything that you represented was something to be admired, this invoked a sense of wanting to better yourself by following in your footsteps, you are like an addiction and now I am in withdrawal.

I hope now where ever you are your safe, happy and in no more pain. God I wish I could have met you! I am so envious of those that did, I knew in the back of my mind that I would never really meet you but knowing you were somewhere under the same sky made it easy to bare. Who knows maybe you still are about, we just can't see you, and maybe one day we will meet on another plain of existence??.

There will never be another person like you, and I would never want there to be! It'ss so difficult watching your videos and listen to your music and looking at your photos. It's comforting at first then a sneaking memory pops into my head bringing me back to reality, reality that your gone. I look at the sky, tree's almost anything and it brings me back to you, and know that you will never see these things again and it hurts so much.

Some people celebrate a life and all their achievement, but I find that to difficult to bare at this moment in time, as an overwhelming feeling of loss hijacks my emotions and holds them at ransom. My little world has come to a standstill and I just don't know how to get it jump started again. I am hoping time does heal!!

You truly have gone too soon and this world is going to be a very different place without you, and I chose to believe that GOD wanted and needed you so much more or he thought that you had gone through enough pain in your life for any one person to endure. I just know that I will miss you and mourn you until my last moments on this earth as will many people in this world.

Michael although I will miss you dearly I cannot hide my feelings of anger around the circumstances of your death, that seems could have been so easily avoided. I am angry at you for not taking greater care of yourself, you influenced and possessed so many people who worshiped you, and I feel partly that you had a responsibility to those people to look after yourself, but on the other hand its your life and your body to do what you choose, and its not your burden to bare to take into account everyones emotions, when it appeared you had your hands full with your own. Also I am angry with those who I feel should have been looking out for you, where were they??? Everyone could see a physical change in you, and that you needed help what went wrong??? I feel so frustrated.

I Love you and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, your three children and close friends, they having know you much be finding it so much more difficult to bare.

Yours forever Rest in Peace, the world really is your stage

King of pop XxxX

Above All

Never has anyone been recognized the way Michael Jackson has, and never have we seen news spread as fast as the death of the worlds King of Pop. That is a huge declaration of his greatness.

"Michael's up there with God now, doing the Moonwalk"

Even though Michael was very shy and insecure at many times, he still managed to sweep a whole world by their feet with his unprecedented music which has moved not only peoples feet, but their hearts. It was something he did with his music that no man had ever heard before. The mixture of jazz, rock, soul and r&b turned out to be the bestselling music mix the world had ever seen. Elizabeth Taylor soon appointed him to be "The King of Pop", and no one could have set the words better.

It's a disgrace that people and the media start talking about Michael as "The King of Pop" and "a music genius", now that he is dead. What's been said the last 10 years? I sure haven't heard such appreciative and good words in very long, I'm not sure I have heard it very much at all during the time I can remember. So, now that he is dead, it's all of a sudden time to give him the recognition he should have got when he was still alive, nibbling on pills because of the horrendous pain he must have been carrying for the last 16 years.

Michael got what he wished for, fame. But it wasn't the exact fame he was hoping for I guess. I think no one wishes to go through what he went through. Michael was born a star, he was made as an entertainer. He loved what he did and he got to do it while the world was watching. Unfortunately, a couple of pranks turned out to destroy his life by the media.

Trust me on this one; I will carry on his story and his music throughout my life, to further generations and I'll make sure he'll get the recognition he should have. We have never seen such an entertainer as Michael Jackson and I don't think we'll see that again. If we do, I'll be grateful. But I'm very, very grateful that I got to be a part of the biggest music history that we've ever seen, and I'm grateful for the music he created with his genius. Michael Joseph Jackson was the first person to really mix black and white, and for that we can all be thankful. He contributed to the world by making the world a better place with charity and as an inspirational and goodhearted person. That's what he fought for, a better world, and that's what we all should do too. To honor Michael, we should all do whatever we can to make this world a better place to live.

As a friend told me: "Michael's up there with God now, doing the Moonwalk"

"They still say why why just tell them it's Human Nature"

Naomi Welsh, I'm sorry for putting this up without asking you but I don't know how to contact you. I hope you don't mind me having it here, I was so moved and so happy to see such true and precious words coming from a 14 year old, it's like loking at myself when I was your age. Please if you see this, write to me. Love, Sara

Naomi Welsh
"I am 14 years old and words are not enough to express how shocked and saddened I am at the loss of my hero, idol and inspiration Michael Jackson. I believe he was a sweet gentle soul who was taken advantage of by many people. He was so misunderstood everyone thought he was weird and bizarre because the media presented him in such a negative way just to make money because negative news sells. But I never believed any of the rumors I\'ve always believed in him.

He was treated so unfairly in this world I hope history will be kind to him. I wish I had the pleasure to get to know him but I know in my heart he wasn\'t just and incredible

artist/dancer he was and incredible person. All he ever did was try to make the world a better place, He helped so many charities, He helped and saved so many terminally ill children, and inspired people through his beautiful music. He also helped me with his music when I was going through a difficult time with bullying his music give me hope. He helped me to stay strong in difficult times cuz I knew that he had been through worse so I could get through anything but I didn\'t think I\'ll be able to get over his death. Through his music he changed my attitude to life and give me a more positive hopeful outlook. I will be forever grateful for everything he \'s done from the bottom of my heart I really do appreciate it and I will never forget it. He\'s did so many things for this world and I hope everyone will remember and appreciate what he has done. I was so looking forward to see him in concert I\'m devastated that I\'ll never be able to see him perform live. I love him unconditionally, He will always be in my heart and thoughts. I pray for his children, family and fans through this tragic time. He was an angel who had did his time on earth and now he is at home at Heaven where he is finally at peace. He\'s out of our lives and it cuts like a knife. Why did he have to go and leave our world so cold? I just can\'t stop loving him and I\'ll never stop and I greatly miss him he\'s irreplaceable a rare gift from God. Fate has took it\'s course but they still say why why just tell them it is Human Nature.I miss him greatly God Bless you Michael Jackson and rest in Peace."


NBC News Reporting About Michael's Death

I Will Forever Miss You

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, is dead. He was taken in to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest and was then in a coma. It is with great sorrow that I now have understood that it has truly happened. If I were to describe the grief inside of me, in this very moment, I'd compare it with the loss of my father, 14 years ago. After my father's death, some of you know he became a light in my life then; he inspired me to live my life again, as a happy child. The music kept me busy thinking about all the steps I had to learn for the different dance routines, his kindness thought me to be a good person and most of all, he made my everyday life fun. He replaced the grief I had for my father with joy for his music and dancing. That way, he became a very big and important figure in my life. And now that he's dead, it's like he took a big part of my childhood, down with him into the grave. I've lost something. I've lost a fellow companion on this earth, who I never got to meet, but who still made such a huge impact on me and the ways I choose to act and be as a human being.

People around the world are crying rivers of tears; I'm seeing it right now. I can't stop crying.

We will always remember the sad and tragic story of this man who only wanted good for the world. I'm sure he had his flaws, but what do you expect from a child who grew up in fear all his life and who always had high expectations on him. The spotlight on this little kid, throughout life. I feel so sorry for him that he didn't get the appreciation he deserved, for the things he's done on this earth, in this life. If we had more people like him, we'd probably have more love within, because it's contagious.

The one thing I hope the most, is that he didn't die feeling he was alone. A whole world stood by his side all through his career, and today, the day he died.

ALL my thoughts and ALL my love goes out to Michaels three little kids, his parents and his siblings, all his friends and everyone else who loves him and who will forever miss him.

He sure saved my life in a way, and I know for sure that he saved a lot of others too.
Every time I heard one of your songs playing, I felt a bit happier. When I think of the happiest and most joyful times in my childhood, I think of you. The part when I knew all you songs, even though all the words probably wasn't right since I wasn't as good in English at the age of eight. The times when I watched you on stage on TV, performing as a true entertainer, like no one else. And the times when I wished I could come to Neverland and just play games all day. But most of all, I'll remember all the birthdays when I wished for you to come in the door and surprise me with "Happy Birthday". The letter I wrote to you will never be read by you. But I will keep it with me throughout life, and I'll think of you and the things you did that affected a whole world.

I look back at you and you were such a happy child. I get sad when I read things like people saying that you had yourself to blame for all of the things that happened and went wrong in your life. I try to see to the best in every person, and I know that growing up the way you did, you really can't expect a person to be "like everyone else".  I think you wanted the acknowledgement and liking from your father, that's why you were always chasing the attention and success. It's psychological, everyone understands that. I wish people weren't so ignorant. We live in the 21 century and we should be able to analyze and think beyond actions that he did. We should have tried to be more understanding instead of judging. What importance does it make that he changed his face? If you really wanted to pick on him, you should have looked at the facts first. We all know that when we don't feel good with ourselves, we want to change it. Michael grew up being teased for his big nose and then having superficial people all around him all his life AND having the whole world looking at him. No wonder you want to change yourself, and he had the money to do it, many times.

I read somewhere that "when you're on top of the world, there's nowhere to go but down". I guess it's true. Just look at all of our big stars throughout time, they all lived luxurious lives with everything a man can wish for, but they all died a tragic death.

Michael was a special person; he was sensitive and very emotional. He loved fairytales and magical things. He smiled as often as he could and he did good things for this world. He loved kids and he loved acting like a kid. The man never had a childhood, hell I'd miss it too. I believe he truly was special. Some people are set on this earth to make a change, and he sure did.  He sure did in me, and I'll carry on his message throughout my life.

All my life I wished nothing more than to just be able to tell Michael my appreciation for him and his work. I never got to do that and I'll regret it for all my life. But I'll do one thing:

From this day on, I'll live for a world in peace. Your life, your work and your strength will never be forgotten. It stays within me, and within billions of people, throughout history.

You're a legend my friend. You'll always be my friend. Feel loneliness no more, only peace.

August 29, 1958

June 25, 2009

"I think we have another lead singer"

During the 60's everyone wanted to be part of a singing group. While other kids in the neighborhood were out in the streets singing in their groups, the Jackson brothers were rehearsing at home. Not because they didn't want to join the other kids or because they didn't have the courage too, but because Joseph didn't let them. The brothers had to practice twice a day, before and after school, seven times a week. Because of that they had to put up with a lot of bullying from others, having rocks thrown in through the windows while rehearsing. They thought the brothers were thinking too high of themselves, like they were better than the rest. If they only knew.

Back in the days when the kids were very young, especially Michael since he hasn't got any recollection of this, Joseph had his own band with his brother Luther and three other guys and they were called "The Falcons". They used to play in bars and small clubs to get some extra income, hoping for a big breakthrough. It never came, but Joseph never stopped believing.

Joseph stacked his guitar in the closet in his and Katherine's bedroom where he hoped it'd stay safe and untouched by others since it was the only thing he had left from his crashed dreams of one day becoming famous. Michael remembers calling it "a sacred place". While Joseph were at work all day Katherine was home with the kids, and on some occasions she used to take down the guitar and play for the kids and they would all sing together.

Even before the brothers became a group they weren't allowed to associate with the other kids because Joseph and Katherine thought their neighborhood was a dangerous place to live and they were always afraid their children would be hurt. The brothers, as everyone else, really wanted to join a group, but since they couldn't they started to sing together at home. Sometimes they used to sneak into the bedroom and get Joseph's guitar and Tito would play it. Their mother knew about it but she'd let them play. One day a string broke and they all knew they were in trouble. They put the guitar back in the closet hoping for him not to notice. Joseph did notice it though and Tito got beaten real badly. When Joseph finally calmed down, Tito said: "You know, I can play that thing. I really can." Joseph looked at him and said: "Okay, lemme see what you can do, smart guy." And so he played it and Jermaine sang a bit, and Joseph lit up. This was what they had kept as a secret from their father for a long time. And when he discovered the true talent in his sons he decided that he was going to do everything in his power to make his sons stars!

When Jackie, Tito and Jermaine practiced, Mike and Marlon used to sit on the side and watch. Later on Marlon also joined the group, not really supplying with anything, but Katherine insisted on having him in it anyways. One day when they were rehearsing as usual, Katherine was watching Michael while he was imitating the other boys, especially Jermaine when he was doing James Brown. Katherine was so surprised when she heard the voice of that little boy she knew that they had found a new lead singer, Michael was perfect for it.

We Are The World

How cute isn't Michael in this video :) Just adorable.

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