"It's Time To Free You From Your Burdens"

Portia, I feelt like the world needed to hear this, so I am publisihing it here. I hope you're alright with that. Contact me if you see this. Love, Sara

mike, i am grieving, my heart is broken, my soul is lost.i cant eat, im numb, i feel so depressed.i dont even want to move anymore.i just want to sit in my computer and tv to see everything thats happening to you. i feel so sick and gutted that until now they dont know the cause of your death.if its drugs then so be it.i dont care.i fully understand what you have gone thru and i knew it was your way to escape the crazy and manipulative world you are in.it was the only way for you to escape pain.behind your smiles and energy, i feel that you are in so much pain...but bec. you love us so much..you refuse to stop and continued to entertain us...the vampires and leeches around you never cared about your health..they only cared about the money you are working hard for them...i was so okay for you not making a comeback....i was so okay watching you shopping and enjoying life with your kids...you didnt need to prove anything...you are the ONLY one...the drugs...they are so terrible to hear...why didnt anybody stop you...helped you....why did they let you go like that....i miss you so terribly now...you became part of my system..my life since i was 10...the first time i watch you perform..i just felt you are an incredible person and i didnt stop loving you after that..till now and forever until i die..

i feel so miserable knowing that i can never see you again..or meet you ever again....i read my email daily and have subscribed to all your fan sites..and whenever i get updates on you and new pics of you...i forget everything...i forego everything...just to open my mails and see you....

i just cant imagine life without you anymore..and its been 3 days since you left..and i cant stop crying....i ask God to help me fully understand why did he get you so soon...and when things are coming out about you..good or bad..the news are all over you..people coming out from no where...having their say against you or for you..i slowly realize...YOU HAVE MADE A HUGE COMEBACK...never to be surpassed..even when you are gone...you are love.not by one or tens, or hundreds but the whole world....i know you can see this..and with all your hardships, success, failures and pains...i finally realize that you have done so well...maybe God said..michael its time to go home, you have suffered so much in this world..its time to free you from your burdens...

and i know that you are in better place right now..where there is no more pain, anguish and suffering, no lies, no tabloid junk, no legal woes....just peace, serenity and tranquility....

i know you will always be there looking out for your children..like you always did..their in good hands....

rest now my sweet sweet michael..and let the angels take you to your real home in paradise where you will continue singing with your heavenly voice....sweet dreams dear michael...have no fear...you are free and safe now.....until we meet again....i love you very very much.......until then....


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