Does This Prove Michael Jackson Is Alive?

The following was posted on MJSTAR on Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:59 pm :

" MJSTAR received a video clip from an anonymous source - the video appears to depict someone similar to that of Michael Jackson jumping from what appears to be a coroners van.
A new video clip has been published online, this time a HIGH DEF video clip has been published, and the clarity of detail is amazing. The person who uploaded the video said in a statement, "This video shows that Michael was still alive after his dead body was transported to the Los Angeles Dept. of Coroner I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in."
Is this Michael Jackson?

UPDATE: Although the number plate is the same, there does appear to be some graphics missing from the exterior of the van.


Also, the following was posted on MJSTAR the day after, on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:44 am :

" An incredible new audio clip of what appears to be someone sounding like Michael Jackson has appeared online. The recording was made on July 14th 2009.


MJSTAR have this audio clip, this is the transcript:

"Hi Peter, this is Donald calling from the UK. I just wanted to um say hi and I hope you're coping OK with the passing of Michael. And it was a shock to everyone and it still IS. And um his music will live on, this is something I hope. And I was thinking about today about all the music that's been out, in recent years, and recent months, and then some of the songs just are not memorable anymore...there needs to be, you know, something big happening in the music industry, there needs to be a reform, um I think that's why Michael got with Will. I. Am. because he was making great, innovative, positive music, and I thought that was brilliant. And I hope other people get inspiration from Michael and continue on making some great music you know. That's really all I have to say, and if you want to add me I have msn and um yeah I have facebook so I hope to hear from you shortly. Bye Peter."

For those requesting more information or they themselves have further details please contact the MJSTAR team: "

Source: MJSTAR


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