"We'll never forget michael.."

I just love the response I've got since I started this blog. It has given me more than I had expected, you make me so happy all of you. Thank you all ♥

" Hello  :)
I'm a member from this forum, and I just had to say I read ur blog about Michael..I was completely blown away.
I sat there thinking Michael would of been so proud of you if he read it, and so appreciated and touched by your words..
You are a true MJ fan, and you always will be... i think thats one charm us fans have.. we'll NEVER forget Michael... till the end of our time! :)
Please do accept my friend request, I'll be honored of you do.

xxx MJ Forever xxx "

" Hi Sara,
I just red about what you said about Michael jackson and everything is so true! I'm so angry that so many people just  believe of everything that we see in the news ...for me all this is just a plot! there is a book about that accually...! anyway..thank you for your love to the king of pop! And its verry difficult to know how we fell when we listen to him but a think his song put us on a another planet and we are just feeling great and free! And he is also a good man and a real child even if he's 50 years old! I saw something on youtube...we was saying that he wants one day be able to do something like everybody else, like do his grocery!!! a man like him cannot go anyware without be attact by his fan for an authograph! so they had to close the grocery just for him and he did his shopping and there was actors who were likes custumers! that a crazy life and we have to give him respect for all he did for his fans and for all he has to support because of his popularity and all the thing he had done for the entire world and the childrens!!

Take care! "


Let me hear it babe

Your name
Please, stay ;)



Rock on! Make us happy :)

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