Stop the talkin and act human

I've been thinking a lot about Michael Jackson's children and how come they're white. People speculate and say they're not his because a black person cannot have white children. They say they are his because they've seen such a thing before. And you know what I think, I don't care. What difference does it make if they're his or not? Millions of people get have children and that's just it. Unwanted children, abused children, lonely children. We're talking about being so color friendly, but really we're not. And what gives us the right to even say that he's a good father or not because his children might not be his. Well they're his now, cause the most important thing is to love someone unconditionally and stand up for your children, help them and give them the best conditions you can. I don't know anything about Michael's life, the only thing we hear is what people and the press thinks, not the real thing. Unless someone gives me the facts that prove a person's done a bad act, I'll allways belive in the best in people.
Give up the whether-it's-his-children-or-not discussion and do something more important with your time. Michael allways talks good about people and I require everyone to do so too, for a better world. You could actually learn something. We're living in the 2000 century and I think we should see by now that the media say almost anything (moslty untrue) to get our attention. We all have our own will and can chose for ourselves, what to belive. Try not to be so easily affected.


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