Quizz: What kind of michael jackson fan are you?

On this website there's a quiz called "What kind of Michael Jackson fan are you?" :

My result:

"You're an emotional fan! You're the type of fan who screams louder than anyone else at concerts and cries so hard that you need to be taken away in a stretcher.
Michael is really a huge part of your life right now. Chances are, you're a teenage girl. You're in love with him beyond what words can express, and every day you're more and more frustrated because he'll never know how you feel. You feel like nobody understands how much you love him sometimes, but hey! We're all here for you, girl! Believe it or not, there are a few people out there who love Michael as much as you, and believe it or not, one day you're going to calm down, take a look at this obsession, and realize that as much as you love Michael, you can't let that love take away from your happiness. You'll always love him, but on a much more healthy level. Don't let yourself get too caught up."

I think it explaines pretty good how it is haha (except for the teenager part though hahaha) ! I'm satisfied with the answear, they know very well how things are regarding my relation to Michael : ) But I don't know if i'll ever calm down !



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