Michael Jackson day

Okay so today's a Michael Jackson day, again :) Me and my little brother are going to Mamal's house to root around all his stuff that's in his basement and hopefully find all his old Michael Jackson videos and concerst, and we even might find a documentary or two! Then we're off to his other house to watch it all and have a woonderful time! I can't wait, I'm soo exciited.
When I think about it, we doo have a VHS tape at my mom's place which I got when I bought Michael's "Blood On the Dancefloor" CD. My favourite video is on that tape; Bad. I read in Taraborelli's book that Michael's outfit in that video apparantly was ridiculous, acording to him and others around the world. I must say I was a little surprised to hear that since I've always liked that outfit extra much. He also wrote that people was making jokes about the buckles and the zippers, since there were a lot of them. But so what? I think it was genious that outfit. It couldn't have been more suitable, absolutly beautiful. Taraborelli says that what Michael showed in this video was his lack of knowledge of what bad really is. He thought Mike did it all wrong by dressing that way, screaming, stamping his feet, flicker his fingers and "shake his groin" as he so geniously put it. He couldn't be more wrong that italian guy, the whole thing was really well done as they did it. And you really can't tell what a shy and childich guy he really is behind all of that acting, he sure is good at that.


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