Larry Nimmer speaks out about the accusations against Michael

As I wrote in one of my other contributions here on the blog, Larry Nimmer has made a pro-Michael Jackson documentary and testifyed in the trial. By the fotage that he had taken trough the years inside Neverland, he could prove Michael's innocence in the case.
Here's the interview (from, Tuesday April 7 - 2009) with Larry where he talks about the accusations, his thoughts towards Michael Jackson and the beloved Neverland:

""I think it was wonderful how Michael Jackson created Neverland as a refuge for thousands of kids as well as his own inner kid. It's a shame how one family's bogus story lead to him, and future inner city kids, losing Neverland. I guess I like that my documentary will help continue Neverland, at least in our shared history," Larry Nimmer tells MJJC.

In the documentary there will be never before seen footage inside Neverland, outtakes from the Martin Bashir documentary he did not want us to see, the video that the sheriff's shot of their raid of Neverland where they went through all the Neverland private areas, the Arviso family's own video where the accuser family praise Michael Jackson and say what he is like and what it's like to stay at Neverland, the sheriff's video, which were given to Nimmer from Jackson's attorneys, where the accuser describes how he was molested, an interview with jury foreman Paul Rodriguez where he describes what went on behind closed doors as they where deliberating the case, an interview with Tom Mesereau about his client and the case, Larry Nimmer's own video tour of Neverland which includes Jackson's bedroom, the guest quarters, the zoo, arcade, amusement park, theater etc and clips of Michael Jackson during his career.

How has the trial changed your outlook on Michael Jackson?
"I'm more sympathetic to him now. I am upset to see how the media will try to sensationalize a story to get higher ratings and make more money. I learned first hand how people go to great lengths to take advantage of celebrities like Jackson. I have more respect for him when I hear how he uses his childlike nature for creative purposes. I have great sympathy for him seeing how he wanted to do good for the Arviso family and how they put him through hell," Nimmer says.

At first Larry Nimmer did not have any opinion if Michael Jackson had abused any kids or not, but after getting a closer look, he figured out he is not a pedophile.

"Michael has been so insulated from the everyday public that he showed bad judgment in thinking people would not find wrong in the fact that he shares his bed with other kids. I believe he did not molest any kids, but practically speaking, most people in the American culture will not accept an adult sleeping in bed with kids that are not their own. He seems to be a unique adult who has channeled his childlike nature for creative and professional purposes," he says.

"Looking at MJ's life and work, I am more impressed with his multi-dimensional creativity: He is outstanding as a singer, dancer, composer, choreographer, music video filmmaker and children's humanitarian," he continues.

 What was Neverland like from your own point of view?
"It was a well manicured place designed to have fun and to be friendly to visitors. I loved riding on the trains and having his staff willing to do anything I requested. It's great being able to walk up to his kitchen counter and request anything that I want," he says.

Nimmer also explains how he was overwhelmed with the number of things in the house. Artworks, toys, fancy furniture, signed photos, tapes upon tapes and statues of every shape and size.

"The only odd thing for me was hearing the piped in music throughout the grounds. It sounded like what you would hear at Disneyland, and all the TVs in the house were set to the Disney channel. But it's fun riding around on the property in Golf Carts."

What do you think about Michael Jackson as a performer and as a person?
"As a performer, there is none better. I love how he performs from his gut and from his soul. How he is totally uninhibited when he performs, as opposed to how he is in everyday life. As a person, he seems to be a wonderful guy, although, he has not surrounded himself with the best advisors, and maybe because of this, he has shown poor judgement on how the world will react to him."

Nimmer goes on to say that he doesn't think he is so strange, and that the ways in which he is different is refreshing.

After your work on the trial, how has Michael Jackson affected your life?
"I like to think about using my childlike nature for creative and humanitarian actions. I enjoyed working on the case, making the documentary, following MJ's career and I enjoy people being impressed that I worked for MJ. My son's, ages 22 and 25, have new respect for me for having worked for Michael Jackson."

What have you been up to lately since we last heard from you?
"I have been producing documentaries, informational videos and various projects to make people feel good about themselves. These include "Generation Exchange" where I have school kids meet seniors and interview one another. "Love taps" which also does unsolicited little acts of love to unsuspecting people. And I also dance for peace which I put on YouTube."

If you could say anything to Michael right now, what would it be?
"Would you care to make a short message to put on my doc? Otherwise, I feel a little guilty about being one more person trying to benefit from my association with you... but, I do believe I have a positive agenda. One way that I'm like you is that I'm often more comfortable hanging out with kids in social situations than with adults".

"I'm happy to do my part with "Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland" which will hopefully help set the record straight of what happened at Neverland," he says.

And last, but not least. Are you going to one of his concerts this summer in London?
"I hope to go. I wasn't able to buy any tickets. But I would like to go and make myself available for interviews about my documentary and my thoughts about Michael Jackson."

The documentary will be broadcast sometime soon. Larry Nimmer will also make it available for sale on Amazon or for rent at Netflix. If you want any more information about this upcoming documentary, or if you have any questions, you can email Larry Nimmer at  "


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