in a dreamworld

I don't want school, I don't want the homeworks, the tests and I barely don't want work. I don't want to be bothered by people. I just want to sit all day, calmly, listening to "The Jackson 5 - Just a little bit of you", and read my book "Michael Jackson: The magic and the madness, by J.Randy Taraborrelli". I just want to engage myself totally to Michael. Just read and write. Daydream and don't be bothered by the outside world.

I've become so attached by Michael  again after the news had broken out about his comeback. I've always loved Michael and cared for him. His music has always been played at my house and I've been thinking of him from time to time. But now, when he came back to us, I feel I want to engage myself even more and fulfil my dream, to meet him. He facinates me, and every new chapter in the book keeps me wanna know more. The more I read it, the more it feel's like I get to know him. I've already read a lot of things I never knew or even could have imagined. This blog has become a way for me to express my feelings, to share my joy for him with others and most importantly, be here to listen to you guys. I love all of your stories, and I love that with you, I don't have to feel like an alien. When I express myself to others, in school or whatever, of how I love Michael, or of something new that's come up concerning him, they either say something hurtful, give me a strange look like " you're just too much" or worst of all, they don't say anything. They don't give me the joy and reaction that I need to hear, but you all do! So thank you for that. We really need to find like-minded in order to really feel at home. To be able to express what we need to and to feel like we can be understood.
I have almost stoped talking about Michael in public cause I've become sick and tired of having to defend him, all the time. It hurts me when people come with accusations, and they really don't have anything to base it on. I'd like people to become more understanding to one another, and respect our different opinions, and feelings. People shouls really try to understand first and do a research before they judge. And stop making us look like idiots just because we've found joy
in something so wonderful as a person, and yes, who we've never met. I wouldn't be writing or saying these things if I wouldn't feel the way I do. I really do feel so strong about this and I wish you would understand, or at least give it a try. It wouldn't hurt to try.

You're just too good Michael, too good.

If you have a book that you'd like to share with me, please do. Do you ?


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