Billie Jean

Billie Jean has been one of the most played songs trough all time and also the breaktrough for Michael at the 25th anniversary of Motown in 1983 ("Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever)". What most of you (I think) don't know, is why the song was made.

In 1981 Michael got a letter from a female fan who claimed that he was the father of her child. She also sent him pictures of herself and the baby. The girl was pretty, black female in her teen years, who he had never even met. This was a common thing for Michael as he recived lots and lots of similar letters from fans, so he let it be, didn't thinf of it much. This girl though didn't give ut easily. She kept on writing to Michael, saying she loved him and that she thought it would be wonderful raising their shild together.
A couple of months went by, and she still kept on writing him, now saying that the baby started to look like like him, how similar their eyes were and so on. Michael now started to have nightmares about the girl and was constantly walking around being scared. He was imagined finding in their front yard or in his house.
Finally, one day, he got a package, from her of course. In the package there was a photo of her, from her high school graduation. He aslo found a gun, with a note saying she would kill herself on a certain, her and her baby, and she asked Michael to do the same thing, on the same day at the same time. She said that they could meet in the next life and live happily after. At this point Michael was real scared. He took the photo and framed it. He put it in the livingroom where he could always see it, so that he would remeber her face, in case she would show up. Luckily, she never showed up. Michael later found out that the disturbed girl ended up in a insane asylum.

So Michael was writing the song with the obsessed fan on his mind. Some say that he was thinking of his father too when he wrote the song, about the relationship that he was keeping secret from Michael and his brothers, and Katherine (Michael's mother). Which ended up with an half-sister for Michael and the others.

That's the story about Billie Jean

And here's the performance Michael did on the 25th anniversary of Motown. Just fantastic! Enjoy


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